Incognita: Turn Based Strategy Game

Over the past year, turn based strategy seems to become to an all-time high. Thanks to the success of X-Com Enemy Unknown, everyone has become hooked on trying out these games. Is it the motivation for players to want to think more, or have the strategic programmers come out of hiding and entering more companies? Regardless of the reason, or how it happened I’m excited about all of these new games popping up. The next one that I’m most looking forward goes by the name of Incognita – developed by Klei Entertainment.

Gamers who know the name Klei Entertainment may make a connection to one of their previously successful games, Mark of the Ninja or even, Don’t Starve. An expertly made stealth game, with a good degree of strategy. Incognita is Klei’s attempt at doing a complete strategy in the way that X-Com had been made, however, with a heavy focus on stealth. Why stop doing what you’re good at?

How, you must be asking, would they be able to create a stealth game with X-Com’s strategy model? Check it out for yourself – Klei’s microsite is listed here.incognita_wallpaper1280x720

They’re offering a chance for you see what they’ve done so far. Pre-Purchasing the game now (at a 15% discount) will allow you access to the Alpha. In the Alpha, you’ll be given a random assignment with a random assortment of agents. You’ll be forced to finish the task with your team.

Over the next few months as they continue to develop the game, you’ll be receiving new updates that further develop the game. They’re attempting to set the community up so that the hardcore fans become their testers and they can remove any chance of things being messed up in the beginning. I know I’ll be one of those testers in the next few days.

Be sure to check it out soon. Also, if you haven’t check out their other games on their main website here.