Countering Writer’s Block

I know that as a fiction writer I have problems thinking about where to go with things some days. It’s either a character that I haven’t fully fleshed out, or even a scene that feels bland to me. Something could be happening, but I’m not happy with it. It could be the dialogue or even the way the characters are interacting. That can be a frustrating situation for any writer to go through. Luckily, I seem to have found something that appears to help with that. At least parts where I could be stuck.

The website is called – Writing-Workout.

What it will is through the writer into random scenarios, or something specific, and give you a random even that pertains to a subject. You’ll be given a quick 300 second time limit and have to react to it. You either have to fill in blanks, or write a quite scene to summarize what would happen. I’ve already found that locations and actions exercises can really help cement ideas that you want to lead up to or are currently having trouble with.

I highly recommend it to any writer who’s having a little trouble currently. It all happens to us. When it does, it’s better to know what to do and seek a way to remove yourself from that rut. As you do you’ll find yourself back on that writing track.

It’s also an excellent way to help exercise your mind as a writer. Because we’re sometimes forced to be focused in one area, or we’re stuck on one story this can be a perfect way to break away from things that are becoming stagnant. A way to remove yourself from your current project and get a quick workout. Writing Workouts should be as often as possible on a daily basis. They help influence your mind to see different ideas, and perhaps expand your abilities. Writers need their workouts as well. Never neglect a chance to practice something new.