What Does Drake Think About When He Wakes Up?

I am not the man that you want the hero to be.

I am no lord. No savior. My heart is not filled with gold.

I am not the one that believes in black and white. In good and evil.

I am not filled with peace, harmony, or positive feelings.

I do not turn my eyes away from the evil. I do not punish sinners.

I do not want the helpless. I do not want the pitied. I do not want the little people.

I do give in to my anger, my rage, my desires. I am the bright light of hot outrage that everyone can connect with.

I will do what I must to get my job done. I work for those who are in the right, not because of either personal gain or because they are the lesser. If they are in the right, regardless of it being for good or evil I will be there to side with them. 

I am a drunk. I feel, I give in to common human nature. I crave it. Like a crumbling wall, I fall to my knees to satisfy my basic animal needs.

I am not a man of a law. I am not a man of justice. I am not a man of hope.

My name is Drake Williams.

I am the man in Black. 



Dead Space 3 Article

Hey all!

I’d like to share with you my review on Dead Space 3. Check it out here on The Examiner.com.

I’m hoping that more posts will be made here over time. Look for me here for more video game news and updates!


Small preview:

“Highly anticipated for the past few months,Dead Space 3 has arrived. The third installment to this nasty, horror-based franchise shows itself as being something completely different. Dead Space’s franchise changed the way we looked at Zombie basedgames back in 2008 when shooting off the enemy’s head didn’t exactly equal dead. This time around, Dead space went into a new direction with its guns, Co-Op, and of course there are all new Necromorphs for any gamer’s bowel-dropping-horror pleasure. There is a bountiful load of new content onto this installment. It adds perfectly…”

Panamanian Stompers: (Man-Eating Fish)

I recently saw this story on Amazon. I had been recommended this short story by a close friend of mine who really adored it. Upon reading the first few paragraphs, I knew I was in for a humorous treat. Panamanian Stompers is a hilarious horror story about a heist gone wrong. It’s not one of those over-the-top horror stories involving a thirteenth Jason.

Having all the excellent elements of dark jokes, and the intense moments you’ll want to take a strong look at forests in the dead of night. While the story is only six-thousand words, it was an incredible read.

Take a ride with Jake F. Simmons and see what sort of catch you get in your nets. You can find the story here. For a limited time (today being Feburary 4th), it’s free and it’ll always be free for Amazon prime users. Have a good time!

Star Wars Stories Update

Wanted to let the readers know I should be coming out with another story tonight.

I’ve been a bit busy lately. When it comes to writing these stories, I want to put as much time and effort I can to every one of them. Saying that with as much truth as I can place into it, I’m enjoying where I’m taking it.

I do realize that each story does take time. If I threw them out like random pieces of paper, they wouldn’t be worth reading.

I’m hoping all readers are having as good of a time reading them as I am writing them. They’re coming along nicely.

Also be sure to keep on a look out for the next Drake Williams story. I should have it added soon. After two or three more additions to it, I should be finishing it up and writing another.

Excited about all the ideas.

Stay tuned!

More on Dead Space 3

I’ve gone over the basic things regarding the first glimpses into Dead Space 3. You can find that article here.

For those who prefer cliff notes, here’s the downplay:

  • There is going to be a lot of new monsters on a brand new world
  • There is going to be a very different look into the story, providing two viewpoints
  • Those viewpoints are going to be viewed in Co-Op
  • There is going to be no Multiplayer
  • Kinect enabled

I’m seeing some pretty good stuff here.

Before I begin to go into more detail of the gameplay, I’d like to tip my hat to the developers for cutting off Multiplayer. In this day and age that’s a big thing to do. Most games are Multiplayer enabled to some degree. A game without multiplayer is almost unheard of, or is not as good, as the others on the market.

When I played Dead Space 2’s online gameplay I thought it was alright. If they were to improve on a few aspects such as how the player fought the Necromorphs. I could go into another rant about that, but this is perhaps why they’ve avoided the online gameplay. They probably said “Okay, we did it. It was okay. Let’s not do it again.”

For a company to say that and take a step back on that is a big thing. I’m glad a few companies are not being dragged down by the potential crashes that a poor Multiplayer experience could be.

Now, let’s get onto the newest details that have been announced!

One of the nice things that I think can work is the way they’ve placed in the Kinect. Instead of dealing with trade menus with your partner, all you have to do is say “give Medkit”. Quick and to the point for us players who are on the go all the time. While that’s a good improvement, I feel the fact that they’ve given you voice commands to use medkits or your powers, statis abilities, while your fighting. I had figured that was the reason we had the controller / keyboard?

It’s been said that the game will be placing a heavy force on the Co-Op play. They don’t want to say it’s there. It’s there. They want to motivate players to use it and know that if they do, they’re going to benefit. Not only from a story perspective. They’re going to be able to fight off hordes much easier and be able to direct yourself to other aspects of the game because Conner’s AI found a stalagmite too interesting.

They’re also given a quick look at all the fancy stuff we can get if we Pre-Order. There are two bonuses from two different sites:

GameStop – Order from here and you’ll be given the ‘EG-900 SMG’. A step in the military direction for Isaac. I see it as a gun for all those Call of Duty players out there who enjoy some nice unloading.

Amazon – Order from this lovely place and you’ll be given the ‘Tesla Enervator’. This handy  device is probably more suited for those seeking a one-shot-kill. It’ll send an electric bolt towards the enemy causing instant death.

That’s the news! For those who don’t know, the game will be released on February 5th, 2013. Let’s hope it’s one for the books!

Dead Space 3 Co-op and Gameplay!

I’m not the biggest fan of horror. Mainly because I’m horrible at keeping it together. No one can comprehend of how bad I am playing these sort of games!

Dead Space had been the same as the rest of them in way of me reacting. Screams, terrors, looking around frantically, and wasting almost all of my ammo. It’s pathetic!

Now, we’re lucky enough to experience all of the horror that the game provides with a friend!

The Co-op character that shall be joining Isaac is John Carver. Carver is a military man, and it has been rumored that Dead Space will focus more on survival. While the aliens / monsters shall attempt to give you nightmares, you’re going to have that more of a feel with the game.

I’m looking forward to that. It doesn’t loop itself around like a Silent Hill game. It’s trying to mix things up a little bit with this transition.

There’s also another added bonus to this gameplay: Carver is going to be having mental breakdowns!

Not only will you have to have someone watching your back. But while one of the characters is having their “moment”, the other is going to have to fend the hordes off by themselves. That’s a good plot twist, and great for added gameplay!

I’m looking forward to what Dead Space 3 has to offer to the franchise.

As a small side note: I haven’t heard, or read, anything about what the multiplayer will bring. I’m hoping they’ll expand out with what they have. I played it on Dead Space 2. Very good quality. It was a good introduction, more of a “Beta” to what they can do.

With Co-op, they could also enable a second player to jump in. That’d be great!

Here’s also a video of the Dead Space 3 Co-op: Check it out!

Comment, like, share, talk about it! Looking forward to the game in 2013!

Secret World: What a lovely Quest I have to now Wiki, Part 1

Now, I’ve played Secret World for over a month now. If you’ve read bits of Drake Williams, then you’d know that I’m a big fan of all the legends, ghosts, myths, religious, etc; all the good things that make up that section of fantasy and horror. Secret World did this very, very well. They introduced that section of mythology and mystery to the player in an appropriate fashion. I do admit, I found the beginning rather foggy. Maybe, foggy isn’t the correct word when describing this. Really, odd, or unique, being accurately correct to phrase it.

Before I go further into the fashions of the game, let me lay it out for people who haven’t played out. Or even who have no idea what I’m talking about! The Secret World is a modern-day MMORPG created by Funcom. The game places the character into an all out war against the Supernatural. You’re given a choice of choosing one of three factions to fight for – there is no neutral. I’ll delve into more detail of the factions, but in a nutshell here they are in no particular order: The Templars, The Dragon, and The Illuminati.

In the beginning you find your newly made character lying in bed. Resting peacefully, no threat to the world. An average civilian that has no care in the world! With the window open near your resting, unaware body, a blue bee glides in. Sniffing around, seeming to have found such a delicate host, decides to climb into your mouth.

Yes, yes, you’re reading the above correct. You’re probably just as confused as I.

Well, this bee allows for your character, you, to be focused in and see all this Supernatural chaos that’s unraveling in the world. Over the week, your character gains a small grasp on the powers that you’ve been granted. The character begins to play around, blah, blah, and depending on which faction you’ve chosen you get a different introduction into the society. I don’t want to give too much away, that’s the fun that you’re going to experience. Try them all out! They’re both different, and both enjoy a variety when bringing the character up to speed.

Moving on from the introduction, I’d like to bring the attention the combat style and classes. I’m sure several people who have played MMO’s, you’ll know there’s a very direct class system. You’ve given a chance to choose what sort of path your character will be taking. It can easier be known as Medic, a DPSer, or the lovable Tank.

Secret World has a looser set of words for “class specific” ideas.

What you’ll find yourself with, which is easily overwhelming at first, is a weapon wheel. This wheel has nine choices (the developers have announced more to be added to the tree, the newest one being a grenade launcher). The nine weapons are: Fists, Sword, Hammer, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Blood Magic, Elemental Magic, and Chaos Magic. And you get to choose whatever you want to have! Whatever combo. That leaves a lot of the imagination to play with.

Also, to add, they’ve set up a few “decks”, as they are referred to as, that players can choose. By choose, I mean look at and go, “Oh, I can go for ‘blank’ and ‘blank’ because they see that as good combo.” If you finish that combo, you also get a special outfit that is granted once all of the specifics for that deck are fulfilled. For RPers that can be pretty cool. You’ve got a slick new outfit and a fairly basic deck that can be what you’re looking for. Healer, DPS, or Tank. Before I go on, I should also mention that your character can only use two weapon at once. That doesn’t mean you can’t get half way through a wheel with one weapon, going, “I don’t like this anymore!”, and be forced to go to a brand new weapon set, getting your ass-kicked by all the high levels around you with your level one abilities. You can still use that weapon you’re using, go through other quests and place points into that new weapon you want to try out. Once you’ve gotten it high enough, you can pull out the new, shiny weapon you’ve been taking care of and start whacking away!

Another thing as well: They don’t have a “level” system, per-say. Meaning, they have “levels”, but they’re not the traditional levels. You have an experience bar of course. The quests you do ping up to a certain amount of XP points. Your experience bar is split up into three different sections. Each three sections gives you a “weapon” point, to use in the weapon wheel. Once you’ve hit all the way up the experience bar, you’re awarded a skill point. Those skill points are used to either up your damage in a certain weapon, be placed in support for your weapons (i.e, things for healing or party abilities), and armor. (I’ll be going over armor in just a little bit.)

You can completely ignore that system as well, go off and do your own thing. I know a set of people who look down the abilities wheel, looking to see what each weapon does and map out what you can. It can also be helpful as well, before even placing any points in. Look through the list, see what you like, and plan out from there. See if the tree has what you want to be for a Tank, a Healer, or DPS. I know that got me a few times. It can be confusing at first.

The armor system is really nice, in my opinion, compared to other games. You’re given a set of three different armors which are: Minor Talisman, Major Talisman, and Head Talisman. What sold me on what they way they ran things, is you do not see these protective things on your character. At all. You do not see them, they don’t make an appearance. This gives you all the room to dress your character anyway you like! As an RPer, this made me extremely happy. I wasn’t going to be forced to wear anything that looked incredibly ridiculous for the soul fact it added three hundred health to my constitution.

For now, that’s all I wanted to bring up on the game. In the next part, I’m going to focus more on the gameplay itself, the horror/mystery/myths, and the questing. There’s a reason I created the title as I did.