What Does Drake Think About When He Wakes Up?

I am not the man that you want the hero to be.

I am no lord. No savior. My heart is not filled with gold.

I am not the one that believes in black and white. In good and evil.

I am not filled with peace, harmony, or positive feelings.

I do not turn my eyes away from the evil. I do not punish sinners.

I do not want the helpless. I do not want the pitied. I do not want the little people.

I do give in to my anger, my rage, my desires. I am the bright light of hot outrage that everyone can connect with.

I will do what I must to get my job done. I work for those who are in the right, not because of either personal gain or because they are the lesser. If they are in the right, regardless of it being for good or evil I will be there to side with them. 

I am a drunk. I feel, I give in to common human nature. I crave it. Like a crumbling wall, I fall to my knees to satisfy my basic animal needs.

I am not a man of a law. I am not a man of justice. I am not a man of hope.

My name is Drake Williams.

I am the man in Black. 



Star Wars Stories Update

Wanted to let the readers know I should be coming out with another story tonight.

I’ve been a bit busy lately. When it comes to writing these stories, I want to put as much time and effort I can to every one of them. Saying that with as much truth as I can place into it, I’m enjoying where I’m taking it.

I do realize that each story does take time. If I threw them out like random pieces of paper, they wouldn’t be worth reading.

I’m hoping all readers are having as good of a time reading them as I am writing them. They’re coming along nicely.

Also be sure to keep on a look out for the next Drake Williams story. I should have it added soon. After two or three more additions to it, I should be finishing it up and writing another.

Excited about all the ideas.

Stay tuned!

Drake Williams: Opinions.

Since I’m up late, I can’t help but feel like I need to write. As of right now it’s the perfect thing to do. Helps me ease everything that’s around me.

What I wanted to focus on this post, like I do with all of them, is feedback. I want to hear what people feel about with the Drake Williams stories. How they like how everything is progressing, and also about the characters.

I know I introduce a lot of things in a different way. I enjoy leaving gaps in information, because most of the time I reveal it later on in the writing for the reader to notice then. I prefer waiting, keeping some details in the dark before something happens that could give it away.

It’s just my writing style, and how I bring things up to date.

I want to know how others think of what’s being presented before them for entertainment. Share as much as you like, read on what’s being shared, and please, tell me what I can do better. The story means quite a bit to me having placed several set of days and weeks into the characters, and other plots involved in the world that I’ve made. I’m a fairly open person, and can take a lot of it.