Drake Williams: First Interactions, Part 7

Date: April 25th, 2012

Cornelius let out a slow whistle. Walking beside Drake, he let a puff of his cigar’s smoke trail above him. “I’d label you wanked, mate,” Cornelius commented at the end of Drake’s tale. That was something Drake appreciated about the man. He always let Drake tell him his story and didn’t stop him. The Irish man shook his head, “how’d you manage to get spotted lucky?”

Drake shrugged at the man’s comment. The two of them continued to walk down the street which was filled with silence, other than them. Looking down, Drake observed his limping leg. Normally he only made that sort of movement when he wanted into a location that didn’t usually permit canes. People could use them as weapons. Now, he had a very good reason to be limping and having his walking stick out. Cornelius commented on how it matched his old-man attitude. “I’m sure it does. Just like how your attitude mirrors that of a spoiled brat with very little to take authority over.” Drake tilted his hat slightly, “Is this why you’ll sometimes call your wife ‘Momma’?”

Cornelius burst out laughing; he looked at Drake who didn’t seem to catch anything. Holding in gulps of air to speak he waved a hand in front of the Guardian, “nah, nah kid. That’s for other reasons,” to help the idea go deeper, he gave Drake a wink.

The stone-faced man scowled in disinterest. “Never mind. That was an improper route to go down with you.”  Cornelius only laughed louder.

Shaking his head, Drake attempted to cut off the man’s humorous behavior. “We need to discuss this. That convict is running around with a piece of magic.”

It took the Irishman a few seconds to regain himself. After finishing his fit of laughter, he patting his chest and took in a few intakes of his cigar. Blowing it out into the night air, he nodded to Drake. “Well, enlightening oh-dear-and-powerful-Guardian. If you haven’t noticed it, I’m not the first bloke you want to ask concerning magic. Read me?” Cornelius offered Drake a sideways glance.

“That may be true,” Drake acknowledged this about the man. Cornelius may not have been the best source for information on that level, but he had his uses. It just took Drake a few minutes of head-throbbing headaches to remember that. “But,” the Guardian continued, “I’d like some feedback on some theories I have. I know it’s nothing that powerful.”

The two continued to walk; Cornelius chewed on the end of his cigar in thought. “How do you know precisely how powerful the little bugger is?” With one hand in the pocket of his raincoat and the other near his cigar, tending to it, led Drake around the block.

“If it was stronger I know for sure he would have happily had me killed.” Drake attempted to veer Cornelius towards a nearby bench, but he ignored the Guardian’s obvious intention and led them forward. The Vampire enjoyed walking when he was thinking and talking. “Despite his obvious stupidity the man knew what he was doing.”

Cornelius inquired, “Did the bloke summon anything?”

Drake nodded. “I couldn’t tell if they were dogs or wolves. All I know is they listen to him and they bite, hard.” The Guardian waved his cane filled hand towards his ankle. Cornelius nodded, seeming to somber up to the conversation. “They’re shadows, as well.”

An eyebrow arched on Cornelius’ brow. “Spirits? Was he summoning spirits? I didn’t know you could do that with animals…”

“No,” Drake elaborated further, “they were a form of shadows. When they were in the sunlight I had a better sight of them. They gave off a look that shadow that reflected away from the light. Dying in direct sunlight, if you get the idea?”

“Yeah, shadows, got it,” Cornelius nodded as if checking it off a list. The two continued to walk, no words exchanged for a few seconds. Drake didn’t know if he should continue. The Irishman continued to chew on the end of his cigar, wiggling his head to and fro.

“Well, you know what this means, huh, mate?” Drake didn’t offer a response. Cornelius took it as a sign to continue. He flicked a bit of his cigar’s end away, “It means you’re gonna have to focus on the female’s little ghost problem. Hm?”

Drake thought it over and responded with stead-fast haste. “No. As perilous as her problem is to her it’s something I shouldn’t focus on. With Evan on the loose-“

Cornelius cut him off with him removing his cigar and pointing to at Drake, “Oi! I’m not the one who got involved in the woman’s ghost problems. You decided to stick that wee nose into their business. Now it’s your problem!” He stuck his cigar back into the corner of his lips, “You wanted to help ‘em, you know, could’ve just walked away. Just left her be. You knew she needed help. You’re becoming a decent person!” Cornelius proclaimed the statement enthusiastically.

Drake narrowed his eyes. “Can’t help the female any longer Cornelius. Forgotten already? She died not too long ago.” Leaning against his cane, he spoke with no ounce of guilt. “I did what I could for her. Her time has passed. The woman’s ghost is gone. No other reason to be stuck here; nothing I can do further.”

Remaining quiet, Cornelius didn’t respond. Taking another drag of his cigar, he blew out the smoke out into sections. The Irishman asked, “Didn’t she mention she was going to be hitched?” Drake nodded. The Vampire clapped his hands together, “There’s your motivation! The bloody husband has to be the target… I mean, c’mon!”

The young man didn’t retort. Thinking, he pointed out, “The Ghost wanted to ensure the man didn’t move on from her. She wants him alone. Not with another person. She wouldn’t want to hurt him.”

“That’s the thing,” Cornelius eyed Drake under his hat. “See, beings like that don’t have logic. She wants him. Think about! She. Wants. Him.”

Rubbing the front of his face, Drake ran his fingers over his jawbone. He noted that he needed to shave. His subtle continuing to grow unchecked on his face and he wanted to keep up the professional appearance. Not a homeless drunk. Scuffing, he shook his head. “I don’t believe she would. Most Supernatural entities of her nature don’t often kill those they desire to be with.” Pausing, he thought it over again. “No,” he announced, “I have to stick to Evan. He’s unchecked and he may depart town soon. I don’t know why he’s stopped here, yet, but he’s here and I’m taking him done. He’s been across the Northwest stealing and taking what he’s desired. Those shadow dogs are becoming stronger under his control. They will not be allowed to continue with their current acquisition of robbing and killing.

“As you know, he’s killed already four people. No connection that I can find. I can’t let him continue to reside here feeling an emotion of sanctuary.” Drake’s sharpened towards the end of his little speech, “I will ensure he can no longer bring death and monetary pleasure to his life. It ends in this city.” The two stopped and stared at the other.

Cornelius snorted. “Oooooh. And you call me over dramatic!” Sniffing slightly, he pulled on the edge of his over-sized nose. “Right, right, your job, your call-of-duty, destroyer of all evils… I can go on if you want a bloody medal, you wanker!”

Eyeing Cornelius, the Guardian shook his head and angled his hat lower over his eyes. “I’m doing what needs to be done. Not messing with trivial events. The Ghost will wander the Earth, and one of the Gods will bring her into their heavens. Not my business.”

“But you don’t know if she’s done killing! That’s the thing, you git, you don’t know!” Profoundly, Cornelius heightened his voice. Nearly pushing Drake against the wall of a nearby building, the Irishman glared. “You think you know just ‘bout everything. In this sense, you’re wrong!”

Before Drake could speak, Cornelius sapped his fingers. “I got it!” Stepping back, he placed his hands on his hips like the hero of a comic-book would on the front cover. “Try this for size knob-head. I’ll go and track Evan, and you can deal with this floaty-ghost business; we’ll split up!” Once more, before Drake could respond, Cornelius snapped his fingers and finished with, “I call going with Daphne!”

Drake waited, staring at Cornelius. “You done?” Cornelius bashed his head up and down with a wild grin. “Good. No.”

That broke Cornelius, huffing and puffing with his arms across his chest. “Well, then good sir, I say no to your no. Making your argument invalid.”

The Guardian stared at the Irishman. Was he for real? Tucking his hands into his trench coat’s pockets, he allowed his hat to elevate higher beyond his eyes. Giving the Vampire the full stare down, he said no once more. The two continued back and forth for a few moments. Gritting his teeth, Drake gave in, “Fine. You go and track Evan. But, if you lose him-“

Before he could end his sentence and offer a proper threat, Cornelius leaped into the air happily. Punching the wall behind Drake in victory, he waved his arm over at Drake, “I’ll see you in a few hours. Call me when you’re finished!”

Not offering any polite departing gesture, Drake continued down the street block and made his way to a street sign. Checking where he was, he looked side to side to ensure which way was the bar. He’d start there. Footsteps sounded behind him at a hurried rate. As he looked over his shoulder he once more saw the Irishman waving him down, as he neared him he grinned stupidly. “So.. By the way, Drake… What was your last lead, again?”

Drake stared at him impatiently.


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