Drake Williams: First Interactions, Part 2

Date: April 22, 2012

Drake found this city rather appealing to his tastes. It was quiet, and most of the time the cloudy days were perfect for the way he felt. Not, emotionally, more like a ghost. Like the clouds provided a sense of a blanket. Over the top of his head. No one could peer down and judge him. Watch him. They gave him a bit more sense to go walking outside. It felt like night time had arrived early for him. That’s when he was most comfortable to go outside. It’s when most of his prey prowled. Why not think like them, if that’s how they feel? No sense moving around in the middle of the day. When they’re all inside, waiting, the cover of night making them even stronger.

His eyes stuck to the ground as he took each step. The heavy sheets of his trench coat held his shoulders in place. Provided another feeling of cover. As with most places when he traveled, he felt like a ghost. That was an approving feeling. To let the outsiders to his life think he was a nobody, nothing special. Just another man who liked wearing black all the time.

A set of pass-byers begin to approach alongside Drake. Lowering his eyes, he tucks the tip of his fedora down over his forehead. Avoiding eye contact once more, each party continues forward without interaction with the other. It was Drake’s solitude that gave him his attitude towards such interactions. Better to stay far away. Out of reach.

To add, he wasn’t in this city to socialize with anyone. Business had arrived to his feet from this place. Tipping his hat back up, he stopped in the middle of the street and looked up.

Ogden Utah was a quiet town. Use to be in the business of a great deal of railroad traffic. Most of that business had died down. The populace here still had a great deal of interaction with it. Not as much as they use to, as history moved. The city itself was fairly large. Allowed him to blend in. The sky was a dreary day, the cloud forming over head. They wouldn’t make any lasting rain. They just provided the facade of rain and cool relief.

Grunting to himself, the man turned forward and began to continue his way down the street. He could smell the death that this city provided. It wasn’t the usual murders. It was the murders that called him to their backyard. Hopefully, if he played his cards right, he’d be in and out quick and fast. For now, he’d scout out the city. Once he had taken care of the problem that plagued the streets, he’d move up to Oregon. That’s where he was originally headed.

Someone bumped into him as he turned a corner. The woman let out a soft squeak, turning up to stare under Drake’s hat. Her eyes were filled with grief, a sharpness of pain. That much was apparent behind her shallow brown eyes. It took her a moment to recover from the blow. Drake was a large man.

“I-I’m sorry..” Her voice was quivering, barely able to stutter out her words. The apology was soft, and broken, her eyes shifting back down to the ground and a development of tears. Drake nodded to her, watching her wade away. Most women didn’t catch Drake’s eye. He didn’t care for that much interaction. The way she walked, held herself, it made him pause. More than meets the eye, perhaps?

As Drake continued to watch her turn the corner he felt her body shake. A cold shiver ran down her body and caused her to nearly jump. It was at that moment, that Drake felt a sense of wanting to help. Not for the woman’s benefit. Because it may be connected to his job.

Counting in his head, slowly, to five, he parted down the corner and began to follow the woman. She was moving at a hurried pace with her wobbling ankles. It was a wonder she was able to keep herself upright. He didn’t want to seem too odd following, pacing himself and holding his stance back. This side of the sidewalk wasn’t all too busy. It was around four in the afternoon, the streets full of cars would begin arriving within an hour. With  a surplus of people leaving their drone behaved jobs.

The woman didn’t hide the fact that she was in pain. Her hands shook, even in the grasp of the other. Her skin was darkened, he’d place her ethnicity either Latino, or Italian. Drake didn’t hold her bone structure that close in mind. The woman’s sniveling continued. Rubbing her hands over her eyes, hiding what she could from plain sight.

She wasn’t the most subtle.

As she moved, he reached a hand into his jacket and flipped open the golden pocket watch. Watching the fingers, they didn’t move. Frozen in time. It’s been like this for years. Today, it wasn’t going to be changed.

Placing it back into its rightful place, he looked up to see the woman had stalled. She shook in her place, seeming to cry in her hands. Drake wasn’t about to move in to help her. He may have been wrong. It could have easily been a long day, bad family problems, perhaps even she discovered her loved on cheating.

There was a great number of things. Grunting, Drake turned around. He was incorrect.

He thought so, until he turned.

Judging from his distance from the female, and in front of him, the other woman was twenty yards away. Her eyes were covered in a dark yellow slime. The left side of her head smashed in, with a small flow of blood running down the side of her cheek. Her ear was nonexistent on that side. She wore a dark grey, white lines coming down at a vertical slide, nightgown. A splash of red ran down her dress, pale white skin covered her body. She looked right past Drake, he knew she wasn’t her target. The woman behind him had frozen, he turned to see her head had shot back just as Drake’s had. She too saw the figure. Her reaction was expected.

A loud, glass-shattering, scream.

Turning to the floating dead woman, he bounded forward and lashed his cane out from his side. Sliding it through her body she vibrated with the blow. Following it like a vibration, her entire body moved and until it vanished into smoke. As that happened, Drake turned to see the other woman.

A wave of relief returned to her face. Flooding with a rosy color, flushing back into her darkened skin. No longer seeming to reflect death, Drake moved forward towards the woman. She didn’t know how to react to her advances and pushed along, “Let’s move. Now.”

“Bu-but you… You got rid of it!” She exclaimed happily as she held onto his arm. Their size differences were obvious, giving him an advantage to move her.

“No,” he informed her. Color ran down her cheeks, “It’s just distracted.” She shook against his grip, he turned another corner and began to slow his pace. The woman wanted to stop, he gave her a small shove forward, “Keep going.”

“Hey! Watch it…” Her reaction wasn’t to Drake’s surprise. Not a lot of people liked being bossed around. Especially if that person happened to be someone you had no idea who the hell they were. The logic of her emotions were understandable. For now.

Drake cleared his throat as he looked over the back of himself. “Do not fret, we have some time before she returns. As of right now, we’re clear.” Reaching his hand forward, he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. Letting out a small yelp of surprise Drake pointed across the street. “There. That Cafe, let’s go and talk there.” Drake waited for the woman to process the action.

Nodding, she nearly jumped out into the street. He let out a small scream of shock, grabbing out to pull on the back of her black jacket. She let out another scream, before she realized that a car sped by exactly where she had been. She held a hand over the front of her lips, breathing heavily. It took her a moment to turn around and stare at Drake. As if he had been an act of God, come to save her. He held a finger, “Relax. Think. Slow down.”

Her body shook faster than before. Even her pupils were rapidly vibrating. “Th-thank you,” she muttered under her breath as they made their way to the crosswalk. The female seemed to slow down. Her body recovered faster from the two encounters of death. Drake opened the front door to the Cafe shop, allowing the female to enter first. She walked in at the atmosphere changed.

From a dreary day outside to an uplifting filled room. The colors were different, shades of bright green and blue surrounded the walls. Lights were everywhere, standing the colors out further. Removing his wallet from his back pocket, he offered a few dollars to the female. “I’ll take a tea, please. Preferably cold. Find me when it’s finished.” He made the remarks quick, and like any business transaction departed once the work was done. Drake found a way into the back, past a few of the louder people and their conversations. The best thing to do was stay far from the ears of others.

Taking his seat, he made sure his back was to the wall and everyone was in eye sight. No one would be able to enter without his notice. He tapped a gloved hand on the table. Rolling each finger onto the surface like a drum stick. A few minutes later, the female returned and Drake tipped his hat the drink. “Much appreciated.”

“Yeah… Of course.” Her voice was still shaky, hurt. Her eyes seemed better. No longer were they filled with watery tears, merely red from her cries before. It was awkward at first. Drake took the first few seconds to drink his tea. The sour taste of the liquid molded into his lips. The cup was a cheap charade for tea drinkers, about the size of a coffee mug. Drake decided to drink the top part of his subsistence. With about a fourth of it gone, he reached inside of his jacket. Removing his favorite flask he poured that contents into the tea and stirred.

The woman looked at him with confusion. His eyes never left the drink until he was satisfied of its status. Sampling the mixture, he swigged it like any mixed drink could be. As he looked up at the female Drake tilted his head. “How long has that been happening to you? The female.”

Taking a few drinks of her own cup, likely coffee from the scent, she sighed as she settled in. “That’s not the first time she-it, has shown up,” she looked up into his eyes. They began to water once more. “I-I don’t know what I did! I mean… What was that! Is it really a ghost!? Why is it following me? How did you do that?” Her rushed voice began to roll out as more questions arrived, he waved a hand in front of her to quiet her.

If he hadn’t, she would have continued with a wide variety of other things that she wanted to ask. “Lower you voice. I choose this place because I don’t know you yet. Plus you don’t know me. It’s improper to meet in private.” Drake looked around, keeping his voice down as much as possible. Thankfully, no one noticed her uprising voice. Or, more accurately, the questions she was asking. After a quick look around, he pierced into her eyes. “From what I can tell you’ve got yourself a spirit on your hands.”

A sharp gasp left the female’s voice. She shuttered, “That thing… It’s really a ghost?” She sounded as if she was referring to it as a piece of illegal property.

“Yes,” Drake confirmed. “She’s a ghost. I’m not sure what kind. All I know is that she has an interest in you. It’s my job to prevent anything from happening to you. To place her spirit to rest as well.”

The woman sipped on her drink. Her contents splashed back and forth as it rested in her hand. “Her… Her soul isn’t at rest? Why not? Is it something I did! Why would that woman want anything to do with me?” Lowering her eyes to her lap. Her emotions were becoming difficult to conceal.

Drake sipped at his drink. The sharpness of the tea shot through the back of his throat, a warmer splash into his stomach. Whiskey did that. “You’re going to have to tell me everything about this spirit. When she started to show up. When she first came to you. What has she done. Everything. I need to find a connection to you and it.”

The woman nodded. “I-I just want it gone. I’m getting married in four days! My husband and I just want to be left alone. We-we just want all of the problems to go away. To have a happy marriage.” She sighs softly, muttering, “After his last girlfriend… His last girlfriend, you know,” she gave Drake a distraught look. “I just want him to be happy. I just want everything to right.” A tear ran down her cheek, splashing at the top of her coffee cup.

“Well,” Drake began, “it would appear you just found your connection.” He flicked a wrist into the nearby window to the dreary outside world. “Your mystery must be the girlfriend. The closer the date of the wedding arrives. The more agitated she becomes. She feels that you’re undeserving of her last love. She wants him all to herself.”

The female gasped, “No! Not Jessica! I mean..”, she gulped, “She was my best friend.. We were both hurt by her death. It shook us both! I didn’t know if getting together with him, Derek, would hurt anyone…” She rubbed her eyes, “You’re positive it’s Jessica?”

Drake took another sip of his spiked tea. “The signs fit. I’m going to ask you more questions. Figure everything out. Once I know the full story, we’ll move from there.”

“Okay, my name’s Becca, by the way. Becca Hamiliton.” She extended a hand out.

Drake took the hand kindly, tipping his hat up over the top of his forehead. His piercing emerald pupils shot into her soft brown shades, nodding. “Drake Williams, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She chuckled for a second, “You must think… Actually, I have no idea what the hell you think. How can you be this calm?”

“It’s my job, Ms. Hamiliton. I’m the barrier between the Supernatural forces and the Humans.” Adjusting his tie, he sat up in his chair a bit straight. “Let’s not focus on that, let’s focus on your problem. The Supernatural forces are to remain as cut off from regular society as much as I can prevent. The less you know the better. Once you’re problem is abruptly finished I hope you never see me again. You’ll move on.” His pupils flicked over her dried tears. “They always do.”

Gulping down the lump in her throat, she nodded and took a large drink of her coffee. “Okay, I’ll start at the beginning….”


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