Focusing Inspiration

Originally I wanted to share about how to discover inspiration. Before doing so I misunderstood what exactly inspiration is. It’s everywhere. You could get it from a spoon hanging at a certain direction. From the way your fingers sound as they type away at the keyboard. Running water that you happen to hear when you’re driving nearby a river in your car. Inspiration is everywhere, that all depends on you. What’s the next step? Using it. Focusing that inspiration is something some writers have trouble with. They have an idea of what they want, but what next?

Here are a few things that you could do to help use it properly –

Find a sticky note:

Sticky notes are extremely useful if you have a break down of ideas. If you want to build off it later, you can create a tree like brainstorming session. Have the main idea in the middle, branch off into smaller details about it and then other details about those details. The sticky notes can be placed on a wall or a whiteboard. Easy to take off you want to change something or put it somewhere else. Also, they’re small. Harder to have an excuse on why you wouldn’t have them on you. Writers are good at creating excuses – don’t give yourself that chance.

Tape recorder:

Those are not too difficult to come by these days. If you want a handy one, get a slim model that can fit into a pocket or hide away in a backpack / bag. Better yet look on your phone for an app. Test it out first to get the feel of how the product handles. As you establish that, take it for a spin and go around your local area. Find five or so things that could be inspiring for your writing. After you’ve finished the test run, return home and see how things worked out. If you can create a page that came directly from what you’ve said on the recorder keep on using it, if it works for you.


The classic notebook. Several writers that I speak to or read blogs of talk about how they’ve written in a journal. It’s an excellent way of being out in public and writing whatever they’re thinking down. We writers have this horrible tendency to have quite a few things running through our heads. We’re all prone to forget instantly. Always have something you consider to be a journal on you at all times.

Ten random objects:

This is an odd one a friend turned on to me. Write down ten things in the room you’re in that stick out you. List them in any particular order you choose. Immediately, remove three of them. The other seven, write a sentence that involves that object. Remove two. The last five, write a paragraph about each one. Remove two you don’t like. From there, intersect the last three into your characters, or a scene that focuses on that as a high light. It’s a good way to give certain things in the homes, or residences, of your characters or even things they can be carrying. The key is to make them stand out. Make them different. While this isn’t focusing inspiration, and more of discovering it, I had wanted to include this. I thought it was tons of fun.

While these are only starting places, always consider a way for you to make your walks around the park an advantage to your writing. Inspiration is everywhere. Be prepared when it strikes you.


Countering Writer’s Block

I know that as a fiction writer I have problems thinking about where to go with things some days. It’s either a character that I haven’t fully fleshed out, or even a scene that feels bland to me. Something could be happening, but I’m not happy with it. It could be the dialogue or even the way the characters are interacting. That can be a frustrating situation for any writer to go through. Luckily, I seem to have found something that appears to help with that. At least parts where I could be stuck.

The website is called – Writing-Workout.

What it will is through the writer into random scenarios, or something specific, and give you a random even that pertains to a subject. You’ll be given a quick 300 second time limit and have to react to it. You either have to fill in blanks, or write a quite scene to summarize what would happen. I’ve already found that locations and actions exercises can really help cement ideas that you want to lead up to or are currently having trouble with.

I highly recommend it to any writer who’s having a little trouble currently. It all happens to us. When it does, it’s better to know what to do and seek a way to remove yourself from that rut. As you do you’ll find yourself back on that writing track.

It’s also an excellent way to help exercise your mind as a writer. Because we’re sometimes forced to be focused in one area, or we’re stuck on one story this can be a perfect way to break away from things that are becoming stagnant. A way to remove yourself from your current project and get a quick workout. Writing Workouts should be as often as possible on a daily basis. They help influence your mind to see different ideas, and perhaps expand your abilities. Writers need their workouts as well. Never neglect a chance to practice something new.

Update Coverage

Over the last few weeks I’ve been swamped with work, homework, school work, Fraternity work, hanging with girls work, and of course relaxing work. All of those wrapped together seem to have prevented me from continuing my desire to write from time to time, like this. As of right now, I’m deciding to take a quick break to report back to anyone that still hears me across the stars.

What have I been working on? I’ve been doing a few articles for sites such as the Examiner, Nextgenupdate, and of course They’re all wonderful websites that are willing to work with me, regardless of the fact that I have been rather absent of late. I thank all of them for their patience and continue to write as much as possible when I’m given a break.

Another thing I’ve been doing: Looking for other sources of work that I can apply to my resume. While the amazing sites listed above are fantastic in doing just that, during the summer I want to have an actual job that I can do while I am writing on the side. It’d be a good way for me to get some nice profits and start getting rid of that horrible thing we call ‘debt’. Along with the fact that, just in case writing doesn’t spin out the way I’d like it to, I can go up on something on the side. That’s a reason I’m getting the Business-Economics Degree!

Speaking of the degree, my school work has once again, as it did a few months ago, swamp me over and desired all of my initial attention. While writing is a great thing for me to do, I have to remember that I’m still a college student and that certainly comes first. I can’t be suffering on grades to focus on my writing; I have to understand how to balance myself out. Even if that means I have to focus more on school work and less on writing. It comes with the perks of being a college student.

Lastly, and certainly my favorite, is the Fraternity part of my life. My best friend and I are apart of this wonderful community, and we’re having a giant blast overall with the dozens of guys who are here. It makes college a lot easier, along with the fact that it feels like a second family is here with me. I’d never imagine to meet a bunch of fantastic friends this way, and the people they’ve turned out to be are unthinkable.

These are all several reasons I have not been updating as much as I’d like to. Hopefully, I can do more posts like this or even show off more of my work as it becomes published. I’m looking forward to doing so.

Take care.

Panamanian Stompers: (Man-Eating Fish)

I recently saw this story on Amazon. I had been recommended this short story by a close friend of mine who really adored it. Upon reading the first few paragraphs, I knew I was in for a humorous treat. Panamanian Stompers is a hilarious horror story about a heist gone wrong. It’s not one of those over-the-top horror stories involving a thirteenth Jason.

Having all the excellent elements of dark jokes, and the intense moments you’ll want to take a strong look at forests in the dead of night. While the story is only six-thousand words, it was an incredible read.

Take a ride with Jake F. Simmons and see what sort of catch you get in your nets. You can find the story here. For a limited time (today being Feburary 4th), it’s free and it’ll always be free for Amazon prime users. Have a good time!

Long Week

The start of the week was filled with Mid-terms. One of the biggest reasons I had been avabilible to make any sort of updates at all. On top of that, Thursday was filled with anything else I needed to finished before Friday, and I had a few friends visiting me down at OSU then. After they visited, I was on my way back to Hillsboro and seeing my family for my father’s 50th birthday.

It’s been one helluva week. Tonight was I able to sit down and finally embark in a story regarding my Star Wars series. It was uplifting for me to continue with the stories that had been going on.

There are a ton of other things that I’m planning to cover later this evening and then tomorrow as well. I’m excited! Once again, the future is still looking bright. Have to keep up my A-game with everything.

Let’s hope you’re all as happy as me to read.

Don’t forget to check out the new addition to the Star Wars stories as well: Prepare The Guns – Part 5

Daily Prompt: Look Outside

Look outside for 60 seconds then begin writing

While rain washes down a window it’s a far from the truth that relaxation is nearly on the way. The pitter-patter of it running down the glass mesmerizes you. Outside you can see clear signs that puddles were forming near sidewalks and crevices. Splashing down and collecting more water in the pools.

It’s humoring, actually, once you begin to let your thoughts wander about rain. It can be an excellent metaphor for life and the people that are all around you. They met with you, the both of you talk together and then other times you never really get to know them at all. How does that connect with rain? When you get a chance, look out a window, or even walk outside, to observe the rain much more closely. It can take a few seconds, yet it’s there in front of you. Water drops form together in the air and mold, talking or meeting, and then they join the oceans below and meld back into society.

For us, those little instances of meeting people can be the difference we were looking for in our lifetime. Other times, it’s only another spot of water in the massive ocean of people who live in our time. Naturally, if you begin to see other people like water droplets you sort of see everyone as the same. You’re use to all the droplets in the world. When you go to a different state, you’ll notice that the water spheres are all the same.

There are only a few times in your life, perhaps more than others; you’ll find a layer of ice. Ice is much more common than meeting that special person. Only, while the other water droplets change to ice to conform to the season another section of ice plants themselves right next to you. Things are different. They’re obtuse in some ways. Stand out amongst the others. You notice that they’re certainly not the same as the others.

While that frozen droplet is different, they don’t have to love you and you vice versa. It’s someone that’s a new angle you’ve never seen them. You may change, or you may not. Events can go by without you noticing that droplet, perhaps it’s another shred of ice that’s the same as all the rest.

Once you’re open to going forward and take that chance will that scrap of ice change you. The worst part is that first steep, because who wants the slip?

Current Reading

What have I been reading lately for relaxing? It’s not things that most would believe to be relaxing. Most of it has been either ways to improve my writing, or to research other ways to write.

It’s an odd form of relaxing. Research? In my sight, research is a way to tone things down in my day. I’m use to researching all sorts of topics throughout my day. Either in science, daily news, math, and a few other handfuls of subjects. Although it can be tiring, I choose to research because it’s a helpful tool to have. I research in a specific area in something I really enjoy. That’s what writing is to me. A particular topic that I’m constantly learning how to develop and create into an abstract creation.

Although, my research typically goes into freelance writing, I do on occasion pick up a book that I use to research as well. By “book”, I mean one that an author has written in fiction. Freelance writing has books, but the book series I’m most interested in lately has been the Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher.

The Dresden Files’ writing style has been a vast wealth of help for my writing mind. I’ve attempted a few forms of first person narration. While it can be difficult at times, a few people that I use for feedback find it much more enlightening. For some reason the story series that I’m creating seems to fit extremely well within the realm of the first person narration. Have I changed the way the story is told? Perhaps. I have yet to decide.

It’s taking time for me to change my ways. When you cement most of them in the tips of your fingers, it’s difficult to pull away. You’re feeling the story comes more naturally within the domain of your original version of writing. To write in a completely different way you’re finding it awkward, like the first time you pick up an instrument. You know all the correct notes that can be played in music. Only the instrument isn’t yours. It’s taking much longer to know how the notes will be used and how the music itself will be played.

You may even find that you’re more adept at this particular instrument. While it takes time for practice, you’re slowly edging your way into a new way of creating. As time ticks by, you’re learning more of the new limitations which the instrument is given. Then you begin to wonder, how else can it be explored? How can you make it your own?

That’s the biggest question I have for my writing. How am I going to be able to make it my own and adapt it to the writing world.

Meanwhile, I’m still advancing in ideas. Thoughts of the story continue to swim around in my mind. I see it, I want to give it life and breath the air into all the character’s and the plot’s lungs.

Time will tell what I’m able to do within these new limitations. Will I find another way to implement what I’ve learned? We’ll see.