Loadout – Review

Friends and I have considered it closely related to TF2. It’s difficult to not want to compare the two games. It’s only natural, especially when they’re both on Steam. The former has always been free to play, while Loadout is inching its way towards that goal. For now it’s in beta still and you can access it early for ten dollars. They give quite a bit for you to start out like that. Most gamers would benefit from giving it a try.

In what ways can the two be compared but in what ways are they different?

                Gore –

                They both contain gore. Although, there’s nothing too intense that those with easily upset stomachs could be bothered with. Both are made in the image of cartoons. This means that death and dying isn’t too big of a deal. Loadout’s gore is mildly worse. They contain much more explosions that can cause limbs to become lost or thrown in several directions. A perfect example is when an enemy is tossing a grenade. Within seconds, you’re left with a stump of a leg and you’ve gone to limp to your death.

Customization –

                Team Fortress 2 has the making of customization. Their loadouts can be goofy in what you’re wearing although hardcore players find themselves going for things that benefit them in the moment, not just looking good. Loadout’s player customization can go on the end of what they want to look like. Some articles of clothing and other attire costs money which some can see as worth it (to show off), or others can use those for weapons and what ammo.

Weapons and ammo come into play as well. While TF2 sticks to having classes doing specific things (spy, engineer, medic, etc.), Loadout allows their players to create a gun of their own choosing. An assault rifle that heals, or it can send out electric bullets. A heavy rail-gun that fires a wave of ammo that sets enemies to fire, or regular bullets. It’s up to the player. They choose their own play style. As you level up they give you the ability to create more load outs that can be switched up in any type of game. It’s as easier to switch classes in TF2 as it is in Loadout.

Gameplay –

                Loadout provides a few games that players can partake in. One of them includes granting a certain player on one team the ability to grab crystals that are found throughout the map. Their teammates are tasked with taking out the team’s gatherer, while protecting their own. Someone could be healing that person, or going straight in the fray and providing a distraction. Loadout has a total of four game types so far. They’re fun and are an excellent introduction to their game for those just starting out.

The game’s currency, spacebux, give players a slow crawl to their goals for new things to buy for their character or new weapons to use in fights. You’re given an objective for each level that you gain and are provided a chance for bonus XP or spacebux at the end of each round. It’s a wheel that spins quickly and luck lies heavy on this point in the game. While some are superior bonuses to others, they benefit you regardless. There are no bad spins.

Out-Played –

                One thing I did notice is that once you’re past level eight, you’re thrown into a much wider range of multiplayer games where other players can severely out-level you. These players usually have superior skills, tactics, and weapons at their disposal. When I entered this part of the game, players are pushed to really know their stuff by this point. It does take a bit of time to level that high. It gives most enough time to discover their favorite play type and who they like to be on the team. Once you discover that, you’ll be able to apply more of a supportive role in the team as that position.

Loadout is an excellent game. Did I mention it’s an indie game? Make sure to check their main page here along with on Steam.

You’ll have a fun time. Bring some friends!


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