Thank You, Bioware

This was an announcement today that I wanted to talk about. I believe that this move, this excellent move done by Bioware is going to be what the future of RPGs are all about and what they’re shooting for. For their next big game, Dragon Age Inquisition, they are now allowing you to form the world that you’re about to play in. How are they doing this? By creating something called, Dragon Age Keep.

Dragon Age Keep is basically a program within Dragon Age 3 where, before you start playing their new story, you set things up from your previous games. 

Let your shouts and hoorays out. Unless you’ve played entirely through Mass Effect one to three, most cannot appreciate this. True fans of Bioware can, in some sense. I definitely understand why this needed to be added.

How things worked before this was you simply go through the game, go through the next one, and then play the last one with all of your choices in line that you just made through all three games. Wanted to do something else that was huge and a big event? You have to start over either the first or second game, and play through it all again and do something different. This happened a lot for me because I always played through it first as a good-guy then did it again as the evil individual.

No longer will that be an issue. Scratch issue. For Mass Effect, I never saw it as an issue. More of a chore. The chore has been eliminated to where they force you to play through all of the games if you wanted to do something big and significant.

The original idea that they had for this was because some saves may not go over to the next platform when Dragon Age Inquisition is ready. Which is extremely understandable. Dragon Age Inquisition may not be able to be played on the 360 or the PS3. They’re going to be made for the PS4 and the Xbox One. Unless Sony or Microsoft created something for saves to transfer over, in the Bioware fashion, then there’d be no way for your story to be told and the beginning to each game would have been generic. Thanks to the Dragon Age Keep, that is no longer an issue.

I think that this is something that Bioware should have come up much sooner. However, having come up with it at all is amazing and fantastic. Mass Effect 3 would have done better for that. 

The problem that they had if you were brand to the game at Mass Effect 3 is you get the genetic starting storyline. There’s nothing special about events that have happened and they’re all the same if you start over without a save being transferred over. Annoying for people who are brand new to it all.

This is why I was excited for Dragon Age Inquisition. The fact that Bioware has this in place makes me confident that they’re stance in the future of RPGs is going to be powerful.


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