Writing Problems To Destroy

Why destroy them? Why such an aggressive word? When it comes to writing you have no choice but to be rid of these problems. If certain problems are not taken out of your writing process things will not go well. Writing can be difficult. Some may find it easy, writing may be something that is almost second nature and has become a habit in their daily lives. Others have difficulty getting into their day due to exhaustion or too many other things going on. I know that’s one of the problems I have lately. Work and helping take care of my family are my much larger responsibilities.

You’re either going to compromise with yourself to do writing later on or you’re going to make time. Either one can be good for you. That’s one of the things that you have to discover:

What are ways that you can work your day so that you’re writing but you’re not neglecting something else in your life?

It’s difficult to not neglect something in your life. You’re either writing, or there is something else you could be doing. It’ll be there in the back of your head, bugging you, or you’ll ignore it and continue to write. Do you write or do you get of the lesser task? Does someone else require the task done? It’s all about compromise. Say you devote evenings that you have off after work to get those tasks done to free up your days off. Maybe you write for fifteen or twenty minutes, and then go and complete a task and continue the process? Write for your desired amount of time, then go and do a task. Whatever works best for you – the end goal is to find time to write and try your best to not neglect certain things.

Are there other things that you’re doing that are done instead of writing?

Have a favorite TV show that you adore to watch and just can’t get enough of? Breaking Bad is that television program for me. It’s never bad to sit down and enjoy and excellent show for an hour or even marathon an entire season. However, and I find myself being guilty of this, there are times that you may notice you find yourself wandering through the TV guide and find nothing yet you’re stuck in front of the screen for an extra hour or even two. This happens to me all the time. Especially when it’s my day off. It’s hard not to want to sit there, relax for a few hours and take in the fact that I’m not on my feet. TV can easily destroy motivation to want to write and spend a few hours on the next pages that you promised yourself you were going to finish. It’s difficult to pull away. Find a way to distract yourself and stick to writing. It’s similar to going into a dark corner and enjoying a fantastically written book for hours at a time. Cutting yourself off from the world and taking it all in.

Same goes for when you’re on your computer and being connected to the internet. This is also something that happens to me. I’ll find myself watching YouTube videos for hours, and finding more to watch because there are other things that I can’t help but be curious about. Whenever I find myself on Achievementhunter.com I get stuck watching their videos. They’re incredibly witty and hard to pull away from. Maybe for the first two or so hours that you’re on your computer, you’re disconnected from the internet?

How are you going to keep yourself pulled in?

Sure, you have your rear in the seat and the computer in your lap. You’re typing and the novel is becoming an entity. The words are forming sentences and the story is happening. How do you stay in that state of mind? How do you keep going forward? One technique that will keep me in my seat is listening to music that suits the scene that I’m writing. The music will fuel the scene and I can colorfully see what I want to create inside of my head. Without that music I may stop typing and find myself at a lose. Where was I going? When the music is playing, it keeps me in check. My mind is in the scene, I imagine myself being there and the characters help me write.

Another way you can help make the scene is, throughout the week, create sticky notes of your stray thoughts. Maybe before you leave work or go to bed, write five things down for the next segment of the story that you’re going to write. When you sit down again, gather up all the sticky notes and see what you have to work on. You’ll already have a small foundation and you won’t be starting from scratch. You won’t be spending the first ten minutes attempting to remember what you’ve forgotten from the beginning of the week.

Writing takes a lot of time, effort, and sometimes even willpower to continue to write the story that you want to make. Each time you sit down you’re moving closer to your goal. If you have a plan before you sit down, or a set of techniques to help you move forward, you’ll find that this is going to take your writing further. Paragraphs will suddenly become pages and minutes will smear into hours.

What ways do you recommend sticking to a story and getting that required word count? 


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