Dragon Age 3 at Gamescon

While I find it annoying that Bioware decided to pull Dragon Age back a year, I’m also okay with it. Why be impatient for a game the developers are not ready to let out yet? Waiting for something to be ready and present has always been better. Although, with all the news that is surrounding it lately I’m becoming anxious. The sort of anxious that can only be quelled with re-reading articles, playing old games and waiting for release date to arrive and begin playing. Here’s the news that I’ve been hearing, have you heard about it?

What is Dragon Age 3: Inquisition about? 

To build on that question, what is the Inquisition? For the past two games Inquisitors have yet to be mentioned. Where are they coming from? Inquisitors have become the gatekeepers that, apparently, the Templars have failed. You are the leader of this group. That is correct, you are now the leader in a Bioware game where you are calling all of the shots. After years of having to crawl to the top in almost every game that they’ve made, players’ patience have paid off. Either a village is going to burn down because of you, or you’re going to save innocent people. Is it helpful to you, or are you morally obligated to save them? As the leader of the Inquisitor, the pros and cons are truly tested here.

What’s happened? Where have we left off?

The veil has broken apart. The thing that has kept the demons, the nightmares, everything that not only Mages but all of the world fears to think about now have a one-stop ticket to the real world. Everything is blowing up around everyone. I believe one big question that I have burning in my head is are the Mages and the Templars still fighting each other? If they are, how is that going to make a play in? Are you going to be taking a side in the war? Are more important things going to be going on?

My best guess is that the Mages are still rebelling. Fighting to survive and make their way around the world unharmed. Perhaps even the veil being open affects them the worst? With all of the nasty things that wanted to use them to get into the world, the Mages could be the best things that the world now has to throw the veil back together.

How are the previous games going to be involved?

Another main role of the Inquisitor is to be looking for the one who started the entire mess. This likely means that Alister is going to be either on the run or fighting in the war. Think Mages will be asking for help or trying to help him out? Part of me hopes that they are going to ignore him. I’d rather run him down like a dog and find him. After the ending of Dragon Age 2, I really wanted to end him. However, another character I made was rather sympathetic for him. If I were to play after that character’s save, would he react differently? Doing the opposite of Mass Effect, Dragon Age decided to use different characters for each game that they made. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I do however think they’re missing a big writing key if they don’t let all three characters meet. That would astounding! What sort of things would happen in a room with three of your characters?

Bioware meets Skyrim

After five hours, I grew exceedingly annoyed with the fact that the team who worked on Dragon Age 2 thought it was a good idea to continually use the same scenery areas over and over again. It was as if the DM of a campaign was too lazy to paint a different picture. I was disappointed with that because in the first one the areas were vastly different as you traveled around Ferelden. Games need to be as versatile in their gameplay as they are with their environments. With a world like Dragon Age and how big of a reputation Bioware has you’d believe they’d build on it just as they would their story. Luckily, they seemed to pick up that hint. They picked up the mistake that they made from their previous game. Now they’re attempted to introduce a wide variety of landscapes in the same world. Players are going to find mountains, hilltops, grassy fields, and perhaps even battle coated fields with dead bodies and fires all around. 

With the brand new things that Bioware has started with, I’m once more excited for a Dragon Age game. After having finished the second game I didn’t think a third was going to be a good idea. With all that’s been shown in the previews and what’s in store, things are going to be excellent. Bioware may have corrected a mistake that would have branded them for an extended amount of time.


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