Panamanian Stompers: (Man-Eating Fish)

I recently saw this story on Amazon. I had been recommended this short story by a close friend of mine who really adored it. Upon reading the first few paragraphs, I knew I was in for a humorous treat. Panamanian Stompers is a hilarious horror story about a heist gone wrong. It’s not one of those over-the-top horror stories involving a thirteenth Jason.

Having all the excellent elements of dark jokes, and the intense moments you’ll want to take a strong look at forests in the dead of night. While the story is only six-thousand words, it was an incredible read.

Take a ride with Jake F. Simmons and see what sort of catch you get in your nets. You can find the story here. For a limited time (today being Feburary 4th), it’s free and it’ll always be free for Amazon prime users. Have a good time!


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