Daily Prompt: Look Outside

Look outside for 60 seconds then begin writing

While rain washes down a window it’s a far from the truth that relaxation is nearly on the way. The pitter-patter of it running down the glass mesmerizes you. Outside you can see clear signs that puddles were forming near sidewalks and crevices. Splashing down and collecting more water in the pools.

It’s humoring, actually, once you begin to let your thoughts wander about rain. It can be an excellent metaphor for life and the people that are all around you. They met with you, the both of you talk together and then other times you never really get to know them at all. How does that connect with rain? When you get a chance, look out a window, or even walk outside, to observe the rain much more closely. It can take a few seconds, yet it’s there in front of you. Water drops form together in the air and mold, talking or meeting, and then they join the oceans below and meld back into society.

For us, those little instances of meeting people can be the difference we were looking for in our lifetime. Other times, it’s only another spot of water in the massive ocean of people who live in our time. Naturally, if you begin to see other people like water droplets you sort of see everyone as the same. You’re use to all the droplets in the world. When you go to a different state, you’ll notice that the water spheres are all the same.

There are only a few times in your life, perhaps more than others; you’ll find a layer of ice. Ice is much more common than meeting that special person. Only, while the other water droplets change to ice to conform to the season another section of ice plants themselves right next to you. Things are different. They’re obtuse in some ways. Stand out amongst the others. You notice that they’re certainly not the same as the others.

While that frozen droplet is different, they don’t have to love you and you vice versa. It’s someone that’s a new angle you’ve never seen them. You may change, or you may not. Events can go by without you noticing that droplet, perhaps it’s another shred of ice that’s the same as all the rest.

Once you’re open to going forward and take that chance will that scrap of ice change you. The worst part is that first steep, because who wants the slip?


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