Restless, Fluid Mind

Those evenings when you’re up late, knowing you have a longer day ahead of you. Those are the worst to be unable to sleep. Your mind rolls, you feel like those ideas are dominating you even when your eyelids close. When you finally fall asleep the awakening is even worse. You feel that you didn’t sleep a minute. Throughout the entire day you can’t help but feel like you need more. You’re lacking it, yet you have so much to do.

That happens to me most often. Sadly, mainly during a week I have tests. The best way I find that can numb all the pain that comes with lack of sleep: More practice. More fact checking and making sure I know what I’m studying. Even if I’m reading it directly from a book I look it up.

Studying has those moments of you look at it going, “where am I going to need to need this?” Sometimes I’m right, most of the time I’m wrong. That fact encourages me forward. Whenever I learn something new, I’m glad I had it. Even if it’s in the back of my head. It’s there for me.

It’s why I continue forward. Why I encourage everyone to learn any thing, any possible fabrication of knowledge you can grasp. Take a hold of it and learn it. Believe in it and allow your mind to think about it. That’s why you have it. To learn about everything around you and go, “Well, hey, that’s why that happens!”

There’s so much to have in your life. Take it in. Treat it like air.

You need it.

To digress from this: Sleeping has been one of my worst traits. When I was in High School I slept about three hours an evening. Weekends I crashed for nearly ten to twelve. Recharged my body. I spent my time doing either private writings or playing games. Sometimes I even studied.

It’s starting to happen to me again in college, not as bad though. I’ll lay in bed, wake up in the middle of night and find myself laying there for another two hours before the darkness finally accepts me. Sometimes I wake up from a dream, and can’t fall back to sleep. It’s typically those nights when I’m attending an eight or nine o’clock class.

That’s the worst.

Hopefully, this week, I’ll be able to be rested for all the tests I have to do. I don’t want to be napping in the middle of the day so that I can wake up in a panic to finish any last minute studying.

Cheers, to all the other restless minds out there.

The best of luck.


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