J.J Abrams

I’m sure everyone’s heard the news for the past day or so. The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Mr. Abrams plans to direct the next Star Wars movie (possibly even the entire new trilogy perhaps?).

The man’s repertoire speaks for himself. Having successfully brought life back into Star Trek movies with a sequel on the way, I have trust in the man that he will do Star Wars justice. What I’m also hoping for is that adult factor that he gave Star Trek. I believe Star Wars movies are going to be needing that. While millions of the original fans are now in their forties, fifties, and possibly sixties, they’re going to want to see something a bit more gritty in terms of film making. While yes, Star Wars has always been a sort of family deal the kids already have The Clone Wars Animated series. Can’t the people who are looking for something darker have something as well?

For story terms, I believe, as it more or not be confirmed, be best to have it take place right before the Yuuzahn Vong war. Those guys were a big factor for the Skywalker and Solo families. Along with causing a bunch of different problems between those families as well. That’s another thing I’m excited to see.

Both those families, despite their history together, have their hands full of each other. The children certainly don’t make it easier on their parents and the parents can’t seem to ever catch a break like they use to.

Overall, Mr. Abrams should do an excellent job. He’s done well with Star Trek, as stated before. The man knows how to handle a film that everyone loves. He’ll do just as well here, I hope, as he has in the past.

As a hard-core Star Wars fan, may the force be with him.


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