Marvel Heroes

Lately there’s been a new extent of hype placed into Marvel Heroes. With the newest release for the pre-order of the Founder’s Pack, excite begins to rise with the expected release date for the Action RPG-MMO. Makes any gamer wonder if such a style can be done, in a world full of heroes and characters to choose from, what’s going to motivate you over?

A quick side-track for those that haven’t looked it up yet. The Founder’s Pack is featuring a set packs that players can choose what sort of stuff they can have a chance at. The packs include a Starter Pack, a Premium Pack, and the Ultimate Pack. The Ultimate is basically giving you everything for a $200.00 value. Personally, I’d rather try and see if the Free to Play stuff is what it lives up to be.

Laying down the ground work for an MMO is never easy. Especially with all the other MMOs beginning to pop up on everyone’s radar. You have one that’s following the story, and is going to change, as the television show progresses (Defiance). You have a shooter game that blows you away within the first ten seconds that you load in, creating massive land battles only written about in history. (Planetside 2). To add, you have fantasy games that sweeten the desire of anyone who wants to be an elf, wield a ligthsaber, or have magic at the tips of their fingers. (WoW, ToR, and TESO [The Elder Scrolls Online]).

Can Marvel Heroes compete with a game like that? With the game not out yet it’s difficult to tell. Other than the screenshots, the developer videos, and press releases their website offers it’s hard to know if what they have is quality gaming. Best way to understand an MMO, or any game, is lay the ground work.

What is to be expected:

  • It’s Free
  • Diablo Gamebased
  • Extremely Replayable
  • Party Based
  • It’s Marvel

It’s Free

Being free is what we all hear in the MMO news lately. If it’s not free, some are hesitant to go out and spend money on a monthly subscribtion. As time has passed, developers have noticed that our lives take up a majority of our day. Gamers will be for a one-time fee, but most have become unwilling to continually spend money over time. To see to that, Marvel Heroes have decided that it’d be best to continue the theme for F2P interests. As usual, you’re given a choice to go to their store to buy special items you can’t recieve in game. While this fact is true, they’ve been quoted saying that you can unlock various heroes in game as you progress forward. Meaning that yes you can buy the character in store, immediately with no delay or you can save your money and work your way through to attempt to get wanted hero. There are some gamers who may take the store route, I know a few who would. Although there are players who, like myself, prefer to attempt to earn said character in game. If it’s possible.

Diablo Gamebased

When I say it’s Diablo gamebased, it’s a free roam game where the player gets a tactical view of the players. You run around in an instanced area, pressing the buttons that your abilities are assigned to and make your way through the area to complete the objective. I’ve spent a few times playing Diablo and what they have is indeed fun. Each area changes every time you enter it. You’re given the chance to go through with one character, then choose to go through it again with different character and the enemies and items are brand new for it all. Meaning if you want better loot, you’ll be going through areas several times before you get everything you know you’ll be comfortable with. As much as I enjoy a game, it can be tedious. If the loot is good enough, it can be enough if you’re almost there. New loot is always something to draw new players in.

Extremely Replayable

As stated in the last paragraph, you’ll be going through several areas that are the same yet different. You’ll be faced with new enemies in the area that are now in altered positions or areas than they were previously in. This can be good for some players. Some are able to play Diablo for all hours of the day for the fact that they can sell high end loot to the market for real money. I doubt that Marvel are going to be implementing that same quality into their MMO. That can be a deciding for some players because one of the biggest reasons they’re willing to redo areas is the payout for new loot. It’ll all depend on how they’ll work their system for the players.

Party Based

When they referred to party based, I didn’t fully understand that concept first. After watching a few more minutes into the gameplay footage, I saw that they were referring to the fact that you’ll be running around with four other characters. Not only will your main character be running into the game, you’ll have four other backups covering you while you progress into the story. I’m interested to see how gamers react to that. How it’ll work is the main character will be one of the only ones who can get the loot, but having help is never turned down from the guys back seat driving. If you want loot for them, you’ll be able to redo the area with one of the other characters you want to work on. This can be something of a tiresome event. I’m hoping they allow for extensive amounts of flexability between each of the characters. Different stories and dialouge. I want it to be obvious I’m playing as Deadpool, rather than get the colors mixed up between him and Spiderman. (Although, it’s incredibly difficult to mix those two up. C’mon, Deadpool is the one who’s yelling at you, the player, to get off your ass and help him get some fighting done yourself.)

It’s Marvel!

The Marvel Universe is huge. They have a breath taking amount of characters to choose from and give to players that are interested in playing on their wild adventures. Marvel stories are extensive as well, meaning that there are sometimes more supervillians than there are superheroes. More baddies to fight! While the main story features Doctor Doom, you can imagine Doc Oct would love to bash in Peter’s head, even Loki could jump in to cause a little mayhem to those helping his nothing-but-a-good-hero step-brother, Thor. I’m excited to see who they have thrown into the mix to help make the story that much more interesting.

The gameplay looks good. The story could be interesting. So far, only twenty-six characters have been confirmed and developers love to hide the best people from their gamers. Makes you wonder who else plans to be there.

For my final thoughts, I grow slightly weary. I’m nervous because I played ToR extensively in the very beginning of its rise. While it was a thoroughly great game, it was repeative in the side-missions. That’s what got to me in the end. That’s a problem that I’m hoping Marvel heroes is going to address. That while we’re going through the game again, and again they make small changes. Or, at least make the end-game content exciting for us to take a break from the grind and do something else. All gamers need a break from the heavy grind.

Since the game plans to free, what’s the harm in checking it out? Could be a surprise and pull the carpet from right under you!


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