Eyes of the World

Take a quick glance. It’s only for a moment. What did you see?

A blade of grass. Swaying back and forth within the grip of the wind. Was that all you saw?

Pieces of pollen in the air. A bee nearby fighting the wind. Attempting go return to the queen bee with its prize for the hive. Like any good subject to please its overlord and superior is top priority. More?

Behind that bee, to the left, had been the brown, soiled bark of an oak tree. Strong, mighty in its silent stance. The wind was nothing to the guardian. Overlooking all and allowing itself to be a harbour for any animal looking for shelter. Above, there’s a taste of moisture.

Rain drops slip through the guardian’s shield of leaves. Passing through in small drips and dancing onto the floor below. The dirt and grass covered in the slick drops and soaking up what it can.

Under the mighty oak tree, to get away from the rain, a young couple stand interlocked in a kiss. The female’s hand is cradling her significant other’s hand which had recently stung by a bee when they were laying in the grass.

Even when we don’t look very closely. There’s a bigger tale at hand.


3 thoughts on “Eyes of the World

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