So far. This is how things have panned out for me.

I find myself laying down in my friend’s bed writing. An excellent start as of now. Before hand, I had woken up with a massive headache from a lovely night of antics that should be kept as only that. In the back ground, I hear two things. AC-DC is playing their awesome music while my friend plays Halo 4.

Fantastic things to hear on a Saturday afternoon. My hope is that tonight will be as productive as last night had been.

How productive was last night?

Played some Assassin’s Creed 3. Good way to go with things. By this time I had been drinking back a few mixed drinks whose contents allowed my brain to go to “fun” land.

Afterwords, my friends having returned from a rave, we hung out in another’s room and began to shoot the breeze. Good conversation all around. After the conversation began to die, a particular fellow of the group showed me how to roll my tobacco into the form of cigarettes. Mind you, tobacco is extremely way above the actual cigarettes. Nasty things.

He rolled my tobacco up and we went outside for a smoke. As a result, I had a revelation as of last night.

I had been living my life much too quietly. Much too out of the way from other’s own waves. I needed to make my own wave. I needed to move forward with what I wanted, and take a stand.

What sort of stand? Hell, not even I knew what I was going with it. Only that I needed to do something different. To make my life better. Become a seperate person of who I currently am. A stronger one.

And I will, if not now, later. Soon.

That’s how I know things are going to be. That’s how I know I’m going to live my life. Do you want to know why?

Because it’s starting to get lonely in fort kickass.


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