DmC: Devil May Cry Review


If you’re looking for a newly rebooted to give a try, DmC has hit a homerun. This game has everything for those button mashers out there love to do. It has an excellent story, beautiful artwork within the game, and dozens upon dozens of dazzling combos.

Quick overview for those who are wishing to know more than only the gameplay aspects it brings. Dante, son of a Devil father and a murdered Angel mother, awakens from a horrendous hangover is suddenly under attack from a demon. The city around Dante, Limbo City, begins to configure and twist itself in a twisted reality with demons coming left and right for his hide. I won’t give away too much, but the citizens of the city attempt to fight back. You’ll have to play to figure out more of the keys.

Let’s continue onto the good stuff that all you gamers want to know.

Certain Pros:

  • Fantastic Story
  • Positive Graphics
  • Break-neck Combos
  • Wicked Weapons
  • Gameplay Ease

Fantastic Story

I don’t plan to reveal anything or go into details how the story goes. But, I will go on about how well the story is told. If you’ve played previously Devil May Cry games, you’ll remember parts of the story where you’d seem to back track the story and go over something that’s already been said. Or, feel like you’ve barely been moving at all. In this game, the story has certainly matured. Within the first hour, you feel like it’s going to be like the rest. Alas, players, if the game is continued deeper you’ll find that it indeed begins to leap forward. The maturity is like that of any teenager. Give it sometime, and you’ll know it will slowly learn and when it does, you have a fantastic time.

Positive Graphics

I’ve never been one of the people who comment extensively on the game’s graphics. I’ve typically stuck to PC games and stayed on the south side of graphics. Trying the PS3 it was extremely interesting to see how the city of Limbo spun around. It was brilliantly portrayed. Along with the artwork of the Demons that had been showing up. It was mind blowing to watch on the screen as Dante ran around and began to send them to oblivion. When something is badass like that it’s difficult to not stop for a moment and give it a tip of the hat.

Break-neck Combos

Having been mentioned previously, this game is for those button mashers that know how to handle their controller. The combos will take levels to develop. As those advanced moments become more apparent to players, you’ll be able to tell when in the middle of a combo and transition over to the next one, and then another. The combos flow out extremely well and allow for anyone to figure out which set fits their fighting style. Heavy combo, light, medium, and slow combos can all mix together for each kill that fits the particular style.


Wicked Weapons

This can also fit into the Combos section, but these weapons are alluring in texture they deserved their own area of mention. You have Angelic weapons that can cause less damage, yet they have increased speed that can be for those players looking to have that area of effect strikes. The human weapons are you more basic of all the three types having medium attacks. The Demon weapons are, you’ve guessed it, heavy with slow speed that make up for damage. The artwork for them is beautiful, I loved using every weapon. Also, to add, the whip that Dante uses can be either Angelic or Demon depending on which button you’re holding.

Gameplay Ease

A friend of mine who had first picked it up explained to me how easy it was for him to go through the game. As in, the button mashing hadn’t been overwhelming. This was a friend who didn’t play many games, yet I recommended this to him given the hype it had. He fell into it exceptionally well. For those gamers that are not too comfortable with the button attacking, fear not. This game doesn’t force you into a corner to where you can lose half-way through that tough boss because the dexterity in your hands hasn’t developed.

Certain Cons:

  • Minor Audio Bugs
  • Short Draw Out

Minor Audio Bugs

There were times in the game where I found that the voice acting didn’t match when the characters were speaking. It was fairly obvious that it was happening. The error occurred after I had been fighting and things moved over to a cut-scene. It staggered for a moment, yet the game caught up with itself quickly. A few songs, as I heard, felt as if they could have been shortened to allow the talking to take place.


Start Draw Out / Abrupt Ending

It was briefly mentioned in the beginning, the fantastic story, but yes, it did indeed take time to show itself. I was worried for a while if it was going to happen. That can turn off a few gamers if they feel like they wanted for the magic to happen immediately. That’s a statement that can’t be disagreed with. When you’re given a chance to reboot things, bring everything up to speed immediately. As the game did redeem itself later on, the start-up had been a slow pace. That pace can throw players off to what the game has to offer.

DmC: Devil May Cry is an extravagantly, well done reboot for the series. Those developers over at Ninja Theory attempted to trick me that it wasn’t worth it in the beginning. Given time to start running, the game provides gamers with a wonderful start up. If they’re attempting to bring the series back, the team has the ground work to do well from this point.

The stress on this word can’t be given enough. It is a reboot, people. Reboot. Meaning it will be different from the series. It’s going to be contrasting to the others that have been released. Some have not realized this fact. Having read that it is a reboot, I urge you to go and get this game.

Capcom will have respect in player’s gaze once more.


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