Assassin Creed Movie Update


Some news that I’m highly interested in with the up and coming Assassin’s Creed movie. The writer who’s going to take charge for the set is Michael Lesslie. Who’s that several of you might ask? If you’ve played Black Ops 2, you may know this British individual’s work. Michael was the creative lead and director from the live-action sequences in the game.

If you were to go and IMDb only four credits are given to his name. Although he has very little experience, I believe this individual has a chance to make themselves shine when being paired with a Video Game movie.

There’s not a lot of details about the project other than little tid-bits that have leaked out. One of the bigger things that are known is the fact that Michael Fassenbender will be producing it and starring in the movie. For those who know this man’s incredible work, we can all only expect greatness.

Even though a new writer has been placed to take a hold of this project, I have faith in it. I’m looking forward to every minute of this movie. Not only because of the project itself, but the people involved in it.

Place your trust in the people and good things can happen.


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