Guardians of Middle Earth, What’s It Like?

Haven’t heard of this game but have seen it on the PSN or Xbox Live Arcade? Here’s the quick rundown: Guardians of Middle-Earth is a MOBA game set for consoles. For those who do not know what a MOBA game is, read on. For those who do can skip the next paragraph.

MOBA games are defined as Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. To make a better connection, if you’ve played League of Legends, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The game had been released on December 4th, 2012 by Monolith Productions. This is the first transition, to date, of a MOBA coming to a console. They’re typically done for PC gaming. League of Legends has been at an all time high the past few years. The obvious attempt to mimic this rather addicting gaming is only natural.

It’s been well over a month since the game has been released. I myself have attempted to play this game a few several times. As a fan of the Middle-Earth franchise, I had been sucked in by the title alone. The gaming itself I figured to be interested. Weeks before the game had been released the developers over at Monolith had been showing characters and tactics that players can choose from. With it having been such a length of time since its release, I had wanted to see certain things that the game was doing right and what it had been lacking.

Certain Pros:

  • Excellent Transition
  • Pre-game Belts
  • Good Lore


Most would imagine that when you put in a PC game for Consoles you’re going to have a bad time. The Monolith more or less saw this as perfect time to put that theory to the test. They’ve changed quite a bit of the controls to help adapt with the Consoles with you lacking a keyboard and mouse. Such as, instead of having to click on your target of choice each Guardian, the characters you can play as, has their cone of effect that they can hit in front of them. This allows you to stand a few paces away from an opponent and aim in their general direction. Really helpful seeing as having to move a “mouse” around with a controller would have people screaming for hours.

Pre-game Belts

What’s a Pre-game Belt? If you’ve played League of Legends, you’d know you have an in-game store at your base that you run back to once you can buy a new item for your Champion. To help avoid the annoying lack of a mouse (another great example of the transition) they allow everyone to choose items that they would want before the match begins. You’ll unlock the items throughout the game as you level up and gain points to make them useable.

Good Lore

Most people probably don’t see it as much as I would, but I loved the lore factors they placed in for the characters and the arenas you’d be fighting in. My opinion stands that there have been only a few good Lord of the Rings games. This was a good one in the sense that the developer kept the characters interesting and diverse with their attacks. While it probably true they mimicked a few if the Guardians were similar. They still gave that certain edge so you knew that it was Gandalf’s attack, or Sauron’s.

Certain Cons:

  • Technical Difficulties
  • Hard to Stay In
  • Limited Characters

Technical Difficulties

It’s unknown if PSN users had this issue, but as an Xbox user the fact is there. Several times, either during a match or right before it, there are ton of dropped games. At first the thought goes to the side that is losing. Not wanting to have that on their scoreboard and wanting to have the W/L at a better range. When it suddenly happens, even when the side you’re on is losing your eyes go directly towards the server. I don’t know what Monolith have for servers or what’s going on but it needs to be fixed immediately. It’s hard to find a good match that doesn’t fall out from under the player.

Hard to Stay In

This may be from the lack of computer or mouse, but after a few hours I typically had to walk away from it. Even when the game first came around things didn’t last long. When given a new game, a player tries their best to go forward as much as possible. Guardians didn’t have this for me. It may have been due to the technical difficulties, but everyone tries their best to look past it.

Limited Characters

Having played League of Legends a few times, comparably there’s a large different of characters to choose from. While League has been around for years, the hope for more Guardians to play as comes through DLC.

Overall, Guardians of Middle Earth is a good game. If the technical difficulties are not addressed soon the game could see a down-turn of players. They have an excellent set up and the praise can’t be given more to them for their wonderful transition. It’d be on my vote as on the best from PC to Console that I’ve yet to see.

Was it a worth it? With a few tweaks, I do say that it was indeed worth it. Having kept up with the game and what was being placed it into, the game itself is fun and trying. It’s definitely an excellent step for those who are looking to make more PC games become accessible to the Console. The future only knows what other games will find their way to the Console market.


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