Reactions and Perception

When given a choice to take a life what would you choose?

I’m sure before you ask yourself that you’re going to want to know what is causing you to ask yourself that question. Is someone in danger? A loved one? A friend? Someone important?

If you don’t ask yourself that, you’re going to either react fast. Reactions are scary. It shows you are when the going gets tough. How tough does it have to be for you to get moving? How fast do you plan to move?

Some are cold, calculating. Those calculations are made in a split instant before we even know what’s going on. Our mind may even block it and only go down to our base instincts. Is that that we all are at the end of the day? When things get too crazy, does our mind revert to that primitive mind so that we can live with our daily lives afterword?

Our reaction to any number of things can begin to define what’s undernether our shirts. We put those shirts on to hide our bare bodies from society. Sometimes society never fully allows others to release their true selves. Have you looked in the mirror and wondered if you wanted more? If you should give more to things you love? You wonder what to share with others to see if they truly care? What if they reject you?

Take a deep breath. Think.

Or don’t think.

Not thinking about anything can make things flow much easier. You can fly off the edge of your toes and hit everything with full force. You’ll land hard on the ground. You’ll hit the earth with everything you have. Once you hit, you’ll know what sort of person you are. You’ll see that person who places on that shirt each day before you go outside.

If you’re willing to take a chance and make something for yourself, that’s truly yours you can see the positive change beginning to take effect. Someone might look at you different. You’ll notice that no one has left you, your friends not openly judging you.

Don’t think. Be a person. Be yourself. That’s exactly what matters at the end of the day.


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