Halo 4’s halo

When we believe a company creates something spectacular we have a visual of the supervisors and directors rolling around in money.

This isn’t the case for 343 Industries.

While Halo 4’s massive success rate continues to go up, the company continues to keep a level head. A recent blog video on Halo Waypoint finds the company saying, ‘They can do better’.

Most would figure that the company would give itself a little slack. Almost every critic that was going up against this had been thinking of Bungie’s franchise. They had those previous games in the back of their head. From the first time that they had played it almost eleven years ago, to reading Bungie’s goodbye note at the end of Halo Reach. Emotions run deep in this game.

Yet, the 343 Industries did not disappoint. Not in any sense of the word. Even though they did fantastic for reviews, they still want to do better. They want to reach that level of a bar that perhaps people didn’t know they were attempting to land on. Having played the game I felt they did a tremendous job on their part.

343 doesn’t stop at saying that they need more work. They do understand they deserve a hearty pat on the back. What Bungie created is a hard act to follow. Even harder if you want to add onto it and have the hardcore fans accept you.

What do they have in mind for 2013?

They’re going to be addressing the Matchmaking updates will begin as soon as the Infinity Challenge has been finished. They’ll be having the updates go every Monday after the former event has been finished.

They’re also planning on bringing the second half of the Spartan Ops Season 1 to light. Episode six will be out January 21st, Episode seven follows a week after on the 28th, and then the following month of February on the fourth you’ll have episode eight.

February also promises to bring a higher scope on Team Snipers, along with a new map pack named “Majestic” which will feature two small maps a medium-sized map. We’ll all be given details on those next month.

I’m excited to see where Halo 4 goes. Even more excited what the team over at 343 has for us next release for Halo 5. They’ve surely not given themselves a low stand point.

Regardless of having done an outstanding job for a first run 343 isn’t sitting down for their next set of awards or pay checks. They want to make the game that fans wanted to have. What they want to see in this wonderful series of games that we’ve been playing for years. Aiming for the stars, they want to hit things hard for us.

Let’s hope they can.

For the full blog post, check things out here.

2013 is looking better already.


3 thoughts on “Halo 4’s halo

  1. This was one of the big reasons why I loved Bungie so much, and while I am going to love 343 as well. Both are filled to the brim with kind, sincere, passionate and talented people who want to make the best of all possible games, not the most of all possible dollars.

    It makes me sad that Halo is locked down just to Xbox consoles, because I think the series could be so much more on PC as well, especially because the people who make Halo have largely been so much more than most developers behind AAA titles these days.

    Oh and Team Doubles and Grifball? Sign me up, every day of the week!

    • Very true! I’m hoping they expand out more on what’s already there. Along with the campaign time. As good as I thought the story was, it does need to be longer. It was extremely short and I felt that they could have let it go out more. I’m hoping 343 doesn’t become one of the companies that lacks the campaign for a focus on the multiplayer. As good as the “end-game” content needs to be, you need to have a bait to keep players through the game solo.

      • True, I can agree with that. Though, the Campaigns haven’t really felt that special since the first game, but have been incredibly solid.

        I’ll take somewhat open levels with really good AI over almost any other competing FPS campaign mode any day.

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