More on Dead Space 3

I’ve gone over the basic things regarding the first glimpses into Dead Space 3. You can find that article here.

For those who prefer cliff notes, here’s the downplay:

  • There is going to be a lot of new monsters on a brand new world
  • There is going to be a very different look into the story, providing two viewpoints
  • Those viewpoints are going to be viewed in Co-Op
  • There is going to be no Multiplayer
  • Kinect enabled

I’m seeing some pretty good stuff here.

Before I begin to go into more detail of the gameplay, I’d like to tip my hat to the developers for cutting off Multiplayer. In this day and age that’s a big thing to do. Most games are Multiplayer enabled to some degree. A game without multiplayer is almost unheard of, or is not as good, as the others on the market.

When I played Dead Space 2’s online gameplay I thought it was alright. If they were to improve on a few aspects such as how the player fought the Necromorphs. I could go into another rant about that, but this is perhaps why they’ve avoided the online gameplay. They probably said “Okay, we did it. It was okay. Let’s not do it again.”

For a company to say that and take a step back on that is a big thing. I’m glad a few companies are not being dragged down by the potential crashes that a poor Multiplayer experience could be.

Now, let’s get onto the newest details that have been announced!

One of the nice things that I think can work is the way they’ve placed in the Kinect. Instead of dealing with trade menus with your partner, all you have to do is say “give Medkit”. Quick and to the point for us players who are on the go all the time. While that’s a good improvement, I feel the fact that they’ve given you voice commands to use medkits or your powers, statis abilities, while your fighting. I had figured that was the reason we had the controller / keyboard?

It’s been said that the game will be placing a heavy force on the Co-Op play. They don’t want to say it’s there. It’s there. They want to motivate players to use it and know that if they do, they’re going to benefit. Not only from a story perspective. They’re going to be able to fight off hordes much easier and be able to direct yourself to other aspects of the game because Conner’s AI found a stalagmite too interesting.

They’re also given a quick look at all the fancy stuff we can get if we Pre-Order. There are two bonuses from two different sites:

GameStop – Order from here and you’ll be given the ‘EG-900 SMG’. A step in the military direction for Isaac. I see it as a gun for all those Call of Duty players out there who enjoy some nice unloading.

Amazon – Order from this lovely place and you’ll be given the ‘Tesla Enervator’. This handy  device is probably more suited for those seeking a one-shot-kill. It’ll send an electric bolt towards the enemy causing instant death.

That’s the news! For those who don’t know, the game will be released on February 5th, 2013. Let’s hope it’s one for the books!


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