Awaiting Class

There’s always that static in the air that can cause most to hold their breath. I’ve been doing that quite a bit more when I sit in waiting for the teacher to arrive. It always happens more when you have a brand new class to visit. You have no idea what to expect.

I’ve noticed that things seem to have a small electric intensity even when you’re waiting for a class you’ve already gone to. Mainly when it’s a large class.

To give you an example, I’m sitting in Biology class right now waiting for it to begin. It’s roughly about three-fifty to four hundred people. That’s a large head count to even talk to. Imagine the effort of the professor attempting to keep their attention so the learning points are kept together.

Although, I’m still new to college so this could be old news to most folks. Others may agree with me. The buzz in the air right before the lecture begins.

I believe that’s always why I’ve been prone to enjoy more lectures than other classes. There’s a certain way that the teacher has to act that lets me know the make an even larger effort. Not only do they have to attempt to teach us a certain subject. They have to do it in a way that entertains us enough so that our minds don’t wander off.

Education can be a wonderful thing. When teachers bring in that extra effort to make it entertaining, more are willing to learn.

That’s how this day and age, sadly, seems to work for most people who attend school. For most people in general. Even if they need to learn, to get that potentially amazing job before their life is over. They have to have a sense of motivation.

Perhaps that’s why we’re failing in this world?


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