What’s Exciting For 2013?

What makes 2013 stand out? How do I plan to make the most of it?

Like 2012, I want to make this year mean something. In the middle of 2012 I finished my first 100,000 word book. I finished it to the point of where I reached the word count and I was extremely content with the plot line. There’s still much I plan to do with this story. Here are some major things that I hope I’ll be able to say that I finished by the end of this new, challenging year:

* I am going to be able to finish a revised version of my story, and have it fully edited.

* I am going to be able to go to five different companies, or magazines, and be able to say I was published by them.

* I am going to finish the end of this first college year with a 3.4

* I am going to want to show that writing has given me a profit and I can expand out as a freelance writer.

* I am going to reach at least 100 subscribers by the end of the year.

I’m going to leave this goals here and monthly check up on each one. It’s always important to have goals and make sure you stick to them. If I don’t have something to focus on, I’ll more or less drift around. I want this year to make a significant difference in my writing career. That’s been my goal every year since 2011.

2013 will be a big one.

There are also other things I’m looking forward to this year:

* Dead Space 3.

* Dragon Age 3

* More announcements regarding what Bioware will do with the Mass Effect series.

* The new Superman movie and what they’ll be doing in the DC universe.

* A new Die Hard movie.

* An upgraded computer!

There’s a lot going on this year that’ll be keeping me busy. Nonetheless I’ll keep up to date with my writing, and share as quickly as I can. Having gone through my first term, I’m confident I can be much more efficient with my time. I was much too loose last term. Time to kick it up!

If you have any goals for this year, I’d love to hear them below. Let’s all work for a better year together! Writers and as people alike.


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