My Secret Desire: Science!

While I agree, I’m not the most intelligent of individuals when it comes to certain subjects. Math, Science, and I’m fairly certain that public speaking are all areas that I could definitely use improvement on. While I do attempt to broaden my horizon, I have to admit my favorite of the three is science.

I’ve always been interested in science. What it provides and shows for us is a very, very strict line of how things work. It explains everything, or attempts to, when we have a question. Animals, space, materials that are all around us. Science is the centerfold that try to explain everything we touch, feel, and breathe.

While it does attempt to explain it, math also try to rationalize it. Math breaks those things into sizes, numbers with all of those fancy equations that most hate to place their head into.

When I hear, “I don’t need this!” when it comes to math or something else, I’m shocked. Most people will argue that they don’t need it for their job. Some I can understand that. Some professions do not require types of math or science to be done. Others, do. Other jobs will always require those subjects regardless of what the core is.

While this may be true, when you go home you’re dealing with math. Someone is going to have to mess with the taxes. Someone is going to have to know how to make a budge for rent and things to help your family survive. If you don’t know simple math, or sometimes mildly advanced math, to balance the check or taxes coming in you’re going to run into dozens of problems. Same goes for science. What happens if you want to clean the house? What’s the best chemical to help you clean a certain surface properly? What if you want to kill rodents, or something else in the house, how do you best kill it without harming your pets to avoid mouse traps?

I’m sure others could be more creative in ways they may require other subjects. I believe my point has been clear on the matter. Math and science do matter.

One of the reasons why I support that colleges require you to finish a certain set of subjects before you go into your main area of expertise. While it is expensive, but they teach you to gather knowledge in different ways. To understand knowledge in other aspects. If you lack in one area, you may forfeit part of your future because you’ve lost something that could be critical to your life later on.

Think about that. Go look up a subject today on Google. Type in “Science articles” and see what comes up. Educate yourself. Broaden your horizon.


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