Black Ops 2 DLC: Revolution

Several of my friends in my dorm are very much acquainted with the Call of Duty franchise. I hear their defeated screams go well into the night. I’ve played it a few times, as well. Story wasn’t as good as I would have figured they could have done. Of course, they’re not focused on the story. It’s all about the multiplayer.

With that note, the biggest things that have been announced is of the new DLC that will be coming out on January 29th. Reading up on this new piece of gaming, I like where they’re going. Especially in Zombies. I’m a frequent Zombie player when I get the friends who want to run around like crazy. There are some nights that are just ecstatic with crazy behavior.

Here are some of the highlights from the DLC:

  • CQC Map
  • Map that forces you off the walls into the open
  • Brand new map which has a snow focus (a fan favorite).
  • New Zombie location and mode
  • Map that can cause the environment to attack the players.
  • A new weapon that is exclusive to this DLC only.

Some fairly good things that will be going on in this DLC.

I’m most excited for the Zombie map. What makes this most special, is the fact that it’ll be forcing the player(s) to go in a vertical direction. That’s right. You’ll be scaling the walls of, I believe, it’s two buildings that are pushing against each other. They will be areas where the player has to jump in a gap and make sure they don’t fall down. Perhaps the gaps will force the zombies off if you jump late enough? Interesting little thought.

Also: The new game made! That’s right, in Zombies you can now be a Zombie! How it works is you’re joining the horde of zombies attacking a player. The single player is forced to survive and fend off the attacks. If you, the Zombie, are able to kill the player you then become the player and have to fight off the horde. To clarify, if you’re killed by the Zombie as the lone player you do become a Zombie.

I’m liking this new direction! It’ll be fun to see how people play as Zombies. You might get speed boosts, or have to wiggle your way around corners to make sure you’re not killed off.

A dozen different routes we’ll have to check out when we’re out there playing.

The newest gun is named “Peacemaker”. It’s an SMG. I’ve seen a few pictures of it. Looks pretty good. Nice coating over it, and I’m sure you’ll see other designs that players come up with for the gun. I’ve used a few SMGs in my time. Rather useful in a pinch.

The Peacemaker is the first gun to ever be available through a DLC in Call of Duty. I hope they continue this tradation, because I’ve always wondered why they haven’t done this. There have been a few other games that typically feature a brand new gun that go hand-in-hand with the DLC. Help keep up with the theme.

Lastly, the maps go as follow: Mirage, the CQC map feature in the Gobi Desert. Grind, essentially a skate park that forces you to stay in the middle giving you little cover from the walls. Downhill, being placed in the French Alps where they will finally have another snow related map. Lastly, Hydro, where you’ll be placed hydroelectric dam in Pakistan where you can be killed by a roar of raging water.

All in all I expect several good reviews for this newest DLC. New gamemodes for Zombies, good maps for the Multiplayer, and a brand new gun.

I’m looking forward to the end of the month!


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