Editing It All

I’ve been doing a ton of editing lately. Not just my own stuff. For some reason, I’m horrible at editing my own material.

That never made sense to me. I’ve always been critical of my material. I’m careful of it, and want to know if I can improve. Self-reflection is a thing I always look forward to doing.

When I go over someone else’s, I notice everything! I find this magnificent florescent light that I can go over their paper and find everything I need to. I can pick out things that others don’t normally find. When I give someone my work, I feel like a complete failure. I look at it, and think, “How did it come to this?”

It’s filled with red marks. Now, that’s certainly not a bad thing. That means I get to improve. Better my writing in a positive way. I only feel as if I could have easily stopped those mistakes. That I should have seen them myself.

I’ve always seen it as if I’m writing too fast. The faster I write, the more I’ll miss. Even when I go over it, it all sounds fantastic. It’s exactly what I wanted to say!

Overtime, that’s been the deal. It sounds great. Looks great. Give it to someone: it looks like crap, and I get to redo it.

Not a bad thing to do. Improvement in all areas is needed. Perhaps I will, someday, find a middle-ground for all of it. Maybe. Yet, I’ll never know.


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