Help Me to Encourage You!

While I do enjoy to rant, talk, or review certain games that I find interesting I’m always open to opinions. I desire to have my perspective explore other people’s perspectives. I want to see what they see. While it’s not always the exact eye-view, I take a small step to see more what they like.

I want to do that with my audience. I would very much enjoy to hear feedback from everyone who takes a look at this site.

If there’s a certain topic that you believe I have yet to talk about fully, say something.

If there’s a story that you want to hear more about, or have written in a different way, say it.

Perhaps there’s a subject that I need to write more about? Different topics, different posts, different areas that I have yet to explore? Share them!

I, Zack Palm, would thoroughly be honored to hear what I can do for my readers. Most writers for themselves, which I do, I’m more than happy to take in opinions. If one forbids feedback, where can they learn to better themselves? This is what I seek to have happen!

Please, leave a comment. Communication is key in any relationship. With I being a writer, and you, the reader, taking in interest in me; tell me why. Ask me what else I can do. Challenge me!

Let’s get the ball rolling!


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