The Darker Hero Movies

As a society, we’ve begun to take a different step when we want to watch Superhero movies. Directors as well have seen what makes the profits at the big screens. No longer do we seek to have that old, comic-book style of movie. I’m not talking about the 2000’s type of comic book. Not the one’s where you know someone big, someone important, is going to die.

The one where the dastardly villain has arrived once again, hollering out to the city for the challenge of [insert favorite Superhero here]. At the end of the day, the villain goes back to the jail and finds another way out without hurting a single person.

That’s the sort of Superhero comic book / movie style we never see anymore. It doesn’t sell as much as a high-adrenaline, death-defying, story line can provide for the box office of what people want to see. No one wants to see the hero magically get out, then the villain come back for next week’s episode. Since we’re referring to movies it would be in two year’s time.

I bring this up because of the newest Superman movie, “Man of Steel”. It’s supposedly planned to be a rather dark movie from what we’ve seen in trailers. It’s going to be in a world where they do not understand Superman, nearly fearing him for his talents. I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. There are similar things I could see current society agreeing with if we ever had such a real event happen. A few ‘weirdo’s’ would be worshiping him, while others can be seeing him as a menace to their world.

That brings me back to the fact of the matter: darker movies sell. They give the audience that moment of pause, letting them think, “This isn’t happening… He’s the hero, he needs to win! He has to win!”

While most of the time they do, directors are good with tricking us. Letting us all believe, for a second, it could be all over for them. Some movies it’s true that they will have the main cast, or one member, die. That gives the audience another ping of pain. They will no longer live in that universe to make a difference.

Sometimes that dose of reality in our fictional world can sell the way we want it. Even though we’re being whisked away by the writers and directors, we’re still getting that raw taste of what’s really out there.

This is the part of the article where I veer away from the big topic. I want to talk more about the latest Superman movie. See what I did there? I brought an idea into your head, so then I continue on with Superman stuff! In case there are a few Super-haters out there.

I do admit, I’m a fan of the darker side of things. I enjoy that gritty, hardcore superhero movie where you never know something is going to happen. Which makes me a big fan of the up-and-coming Superman movie, it’s going to have that dose of reality we all want to see Superman faced with. Having to protect the people, even if they don’t want him, or trust him.

Superman’s perspective in this light is going be not all “I have to save everyone” now. Why do I say there? If you watch in the second trailer, you can hear his father saying, “Maybe you shouldn’t have saved them.”

In case you’re rather lazy to go and watch said link, Superman saved a bus-full of kids from drowning. One of the boys saw Clark do it. He revealed to someone who he was, what he can do. His father doesn’t want his boy to be hunted down, hurt, or hated. He’d rather have a boy die than know that his son wasn’t safe. That’s a big leap for Superman.

Makes you wonder what other moral questions he’ll have to ask himself. Will there be instances where he doesn’t safe someone? How many people will find out? Will this make people at risk from his enemies if he exposes himself? Is someone going to be caught in the crossfire?

It’s going to be insane! Very excited from the entire buzz this flick is offering.

There’s another topic I want to expand out as well. What is JGL’s (Joseph Gordan-Levitt) part going to be in all of this? How many doubt he’s even going to be making a cameo?

I think he is. I really think they’re going to build this all off into a Justice League movie. If they are, do you think JGL is going to make a good batman? Part of me says yes, the other part says no.

Let’s list some pros and cons:


  • Batman’s role being continued is amazing, especially in the Nolan universe
  • It lets the two worlds connect, which DC has not been doing as well as Marvel
  • I’m a big fan of Batman; I want to see some more of that!


  • JGL is nowhere near as large as Christian Bale was, and Batman looking skinny doesn’t fit
  • I really don’t think he should take the title “Batman”, I’m thinking more Nightwing because JGL has that persona and that figure
  • It would seem sort of scrambled. They basically take a franchise that did amazing, and then plant it inside other stories that are not as explored.

As big of a fan as I am of the DC universe, I can see the not-so-great idea of taking these two to make a big movie like the Justice League. The other stories are not as spread out as much. You’re missing a few key characters as well, like The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl.

We’ll have to see what the DC comics have in store for us. Have any insightful ideas of what they could be doing? Share below! Love to hear from all you!

Enjoy the Holidays!

Another key thing: If you haven’t already, check out my Star Wars posts! They’re doing well, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the story. Check it out!


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