Oregon Coast Strikes Again!

Everyone! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy time with your family? It’s that time of year to bring everyone together. Regardless of the past, or troubles we all can run into. It’s a time where we have to love one another, and show we really do care; even though we may have that moment of weakness to give into hate!

I’d like to share with you my weekend. It’s a tragic tale indeed!

For those of you who do not know, I live in Oregon. Beautiful, random Oregon. A place of many seasons and interesting people. If you also must know, I live near Portland. While yes, I can be weird. I’m no where near Portlandia status.

Moving on from that minor side-track! This particular weekend my best friend was kind enough to invite me to join him and his family out for crabbing.

Crabbing? In December? Pure madness!

This is Oregon after all.

We arrived at nightfall to my best friend’s dad’s girlfriend’s home in Newberg. A lovely little town of less than twenty-thousand people. Staying the night there, we arose early, fresh from our beds and ready to tackle the day! We prepared the boat and felt the rain pouring down the backs of our necks. This did not ruin our journey in any matter on the way.

Making our way back up to Forest Grove, we drove forward in a cramped truck for two hours. Sharing in the delight of jokes, Christmas music, and the occasional story of past years. Despite the rain, we were sure this was to be a weekend to remember.

In a manner of speaking, it was!

As we arrived to Netarts bay, we looked at the water and noticed all of the disruption that was going on out there. To give a more visual, we watched as the waters splashed against one another. The waves were covered in white caps all over, and my best friend’s father looked up the weather report: It was expected to have Gale Force wind by Four o’clock that evening. Tragedy struck!

Seeing that there was indeed very little for us to do by now, we dishearteningly crammed back into the truck and drove off. It was a cold, quiet two hours back down. Very little speaking took place. Naps were taken, and the unsettling feeling of having lost cooled in. Mother nature had destroyed us this day.

As good Oregonians, we did what we did best: We adapted! With no other choice at hand for us, we decided to stay indoors and celebrate in Christmas! Having eggnog with one another, a wonderful meal (would have been better with crab, but it was delicious nonetheless!), and shared in the merry Christmas games we stuck it out.

Once the night was over, we all realized that enough though our trip fell apart, we had a good time together. Christmas songs were played together before we all retired to our respectively beds.

Even though our weekend failed, the merriness carried on and we had a wonderful time!

This is why I wish all of you to spend time with those around you. Enjoy in those good and bad times. Even though they may have fallen apart, always be willing to pick everything back up. You deserve a chance to make things right!


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