Inside a Writer’s Heart

Most can imagine the insanity that goes on when a writer is trying to think. What they don’t always think about, is that writers may also be rather tuned to emotions. Why does this matter?

Emotions make someone feel a connection to something. This allows a reader to feel something for the words. We deal with emotions everyday. Dealing with the guy ahead of us who’s taking forever to order his fancy coffee. Watching as, yet again, the girl of our dreams dates another scumbag. Waiting for the day to be over because the clock is way too slow.

Emotions are everywhere, and involved in everything that someone does. There’s always a reason for why some thing happens. Someone initially has a plan for the action, and there’s emotion behind it and to come out of it.

Writers have to feel that emotional current so that they can tap into it. As they take the emotions from their daily lives and place into their writing, things can connect. The readers can take something from that going “Wow.. That was incredible!”. Or any number of things that may have occurred in the story. Without emotions people wouldn’t find motivation to do certain actions. To have a desire to make something for themselves.

It could explain why past writers have been known to have alcoholic problems or commit suicide. Too many emotions can be a bad thing. Overwhelming is a perfect way to place it. To be emotionally connected to several things, or invested in emotions, can be exhausting.

It’s like when you were younger, and you found out at the beginning of the day that so and so likes this person, but you like that person too! Sadly, it turns out, the person you both like, likes so and so more than you. Your morning has become eternally ruined, and you’re wondering around throughout the entire day thinking about it. Yes, you have a smile on your face. Under the surface you’re falling apart. You cared so much for them! Finding something like that out can exhaust you. By the end of the day, all you want to do is curl up into bed.

Writers can have that problem. All the time. They invest things over emotionally. They’ll be very positive people, or rather bleak people. I say overly positive because people have observed that about me. Regardless of the situation or who did what, I keep positive as much as possible. Why? Who was the last positive person in a bad situation? It’s hard to be positive. It’s even harder when things look bad. It’s why I’m positive most of the time. Who else is going to be?

Yet, at the end of the day, it’s exhausting. Sometimes it seems you never win. Yet you’ll keep trying. Because that’s what is important to you. Emotions are a fluid thing that run through us all. Regardless of who we are, we’re going to feel something some day.

My biggest observation is the positive people never stay like that for long. It can be difficult in a rapidly depressing world. I’d like to think I’m not going to go down without a fight.


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