Planetside 2 – You’re Going to Die

Despite being in school, I had found a few times to up and relax. I’m glad that I had. There were numerous games that had come out that I wanted to get my hands on. Planetside is my favorite type of game, too – Free!

Planetside 2 features a set of massive warfare against three different factions. You choose which of the factions you wish to be a part of and pick up a gun. You’re placed straight into the fray, and you bust your way into the environment. After having jumped in immediately, it was a little overwhelming and difficult to settle myself in. After an hour, it was easy to weigh in and starting shooting. Did I mention it’s an MMO?

Yes, indeed it is! A MMO in a First-Person Shooter. There’s no giant story to wrap the players into the game. You’re a grunt. They’re grunts. Your side wants resources. Get the bases, you get resources, hold off the other team. Simple as that. There’s not grand turn of events that make you defect sides. You’re going to shoot the other players. They’re going to shoot back.

With no focus on story, there has to be big pull in by gameplay. I can acknowledge that there is indeed a good placement of gameplay for players to be apart of. You can choose to be flying in an aircraft. Cruise in on a tank to the nearby base that’s being turned. Buzz in on a dirt bike to reconnect with your group. Or, you can take a walk through the wonderful forest before you go to blow someone’s visor clean off.

The classes are fairly basic as well: Light Assault, Heavy Assault, Medic, Engineer, Infiltrator, and Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit (Max). Each one focuses on a different support that is beneficial to the team that you could be involved in. Which brings me to a very nice factor that this game focuses on: Teamwork.

Teamwork is essential in this battlefield. Without a medic, you could find that more of the enemy is swarming on you with your teammates taking too much time to return to the front lines. Engineers support your vehicles and can provide other grunts with an excellent gun turret for suppression fire. It goes on and on for each class. They’re all good with the other at their side. Have too many Assault classes and too few of medics? You’ll find that the enemy can fight back without your forces rejuvenating as fast as it could. Always watch out for that rogue sniper!

With a good range of classes to play, what are the maps like? How big can they be? Well, it’s an MMO! This place is extremely massive. Each battlefield can hold up to 2,000 players. Servers have up to three different maps, so a total of 6,000 can be online at once. That’s a good number of players all wanting different resources. Maps are diverse in each environment  and style of how they’re placed together.

It leaves a good amount of room for the vehicles to be used for most situations. Not just because of the superior firepower that they have. They’re great to use to get around to make sure you’re always on the front line. While it doesn’t go too in-depth for the story, it keeps the gameplay at the front of their thoughts. Another thing to add. Because this game says you are a grunt, you die. Quite often. It’s something that will happen. You K/D is going to be bad. Don’t go into this expecting to last five hours, a few round in your clips that you take from your dead targets. If you actually have to go back and reload all of your ammo, I’d be impressed.

Classes. The maps. Vehicles. An MMO that plays like a First Person shooter. To top it all off, it’s free! It’s something to play if you happen to know several people who play computer games. It’s best played with a group and not by yourself. If you’re by yourself, the game can place you in a squad that’s already been made up for you. It’s not the easiest way to meet people, but if your squad talks to you, you can make it work. Goes back down to the biggest relationship rule which is keep the communication open. Keep it open, and this will you and your squad to change things up so you can all work together.

Give it a look at! Planetside 2 went live on November 20th. Check out the gameplay, invite your friends. You’ll bond!


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