Breaking Flowers

When you love someone, all you want to do is make them happy.

It doesn’t matter how much time it takes.

That’s all that matters in that day.

How much can you make them smile, make them laugh?

It’s a wonderful goal you always aim to achieve.

Then you sit back with them and think.

What’s the future going to be like?

When you roll over all the possabilities, it’s incredible!

All of what can happen, all of what may happen.

Then, something happens, there’s a string.

You follow the string along, where did it come from?

How long had that string been there?

As you run along the string, a moving feeling arrives.

That string connects two objects together.

Two perfect flowers, those flowers held in suspension with the string.

As you pull on the string, a truth is revealed.

The flowers begin to break apart, unwrapping and falling apart?

What happened to those two perfect flowers?

Weren’t they absolutely made for one another?

That flower had just been using the string to hold what those two had.

The flower had been something else.

It hadn’t been what first sight saw.

That moment, you see something for the first time.

You really are just alone.

Fighting for everything by yourself.

Another flower may only just lie to you.


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