NaNoWriMo Half-way Point!

So this is the mid-point of NaNoWriMo! Where is everyone in where they’d like to be in their writings? Has anything happened that you didn’t expect? What have the characters done for you?

To give a small summary of how things have been for my story:

I decided to go down the route of improving upon the Drake Williams Story, going with part 2. In that Part 2, I introduce a plethora of characters. They’ve all been placed in, it being the half-way point, and I have to say it’s incredible!

Allow me to give a brief breakdown (with not spoiling too much of the fun!):

  • The character that I had being the quietest decided to have the most impact on most parts. I didn’t see that coming. What he’ll do is make the most noise or even do certain things that will get his point across. I have the most fun creating a sense of comedy relief with some of his antics.
  • A character that I had wanted to have being the cool, sharp minded criminal has become a hidden-mastermind of the plot. I wasn’t planning for him to be such a big character, but as I continued to write he interacted with Drake extremely well. The conversations the two could have been incredible, and I really had fun letting him take a bigger part of the story.
  • Plot itself is expanding widely. I had this clear-cut idea of where I wanted the story to go (I have the end result in my head). Instead, things have spun away from where I wanted them to go, and the characters are still attempting to reach their end goal. While it’s the different path I had intended for them to go, I’m enjoying all of it!

With that being said, NaNoWriMo is a blast for me right now! I can’t wait each day to continue the story that I’ve been working on. As more of the characters come into their own, the story folds out even further than I thought I was going to let it.

Excitement in all areas!

Where are you in your story? Share and discuss!


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Half-way Point!

  1. This is probably my third time on this. The first time, I had a grand time just writing like crazy. The second time, last year, gave birth to Drake Williams. My beloved story and “child”, as everyone refers to it. With it being the third one and I’m still working on the same story, it’s a safe enough bet to be placed that I’ll be doing this next year, too. Having this much content in one world is fantastic! I adore how much time and creativity I can run with it. It may just become a tradition for me to write about this particular world each year. I’m certainly excited about that idea!

    • Yes, I totally agree. I started a series for NaNo in 2007. I’ve written for that series for three NaNos already! It’s nice to have that one ‘series’ that you really love. Only problem with me…I have many writing ‘babies’ haha I love them all so much.

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