My Faults

I wanted to reflect today by looking over how I write, and what I can do to improve. You can’t handle any sort of judgment, or possibly even criticism, I believe you’d be in the wrong role if you were a writer. Criticism is one of the best things a writer can have. Not only are you going to be given someone’s view point on how you do things, but you’re also going to hear what they want. Those two parts a very important.

When I look at myself, I would change three things:

  • My use of Vocabulary
  • My horrible skill at making sentences waaay too long.
  • Sometimes typing too fast and I miss a word that brings together my entire sentence / paragraph

As they say, “acceptance is the first step.” With that in mind, this is how I’ve gone about attempting to improve my techniques in all areas:

  • As I write about a page of work, I’ll highlight all the words that I’ve used more than, say, five times. This isn’t counting the ones that are extremely constant (such as the, to, I, ect, although I may attempt to use them in a different way). After I’ve highlighted most of the words, I’ll go through a thesaurus and find ways to lower my use of them. Removing the ones that show up the most, and replacing them with a much more colorful text.
  • If you’ve read a few of my stories, then you’d be able to confirm this fact. I have the horrible tendency to write three to four line sentences. Why? I enjoy making things enriched in detail. Despite that begin true, it can be a downfall. No one wants to read that much of text. It can easily hurt the eyes and the brain at the same time. What I’ll do is separate the sentence into three chunks. If I can’t make three sentences, I’ll cut it down to two. Making sure that it’s severed well, overall, and then see how it sounds. Faster, sharper sentences look much better.
  • As a result to the third and final fault, I began to slow down with my typing. Sure, getting an article down as fast as possible is something to look forward. However, it’s better to pull out you’re a work, rather than a C. With that in mind, I began to read more of my sentences out loud. I slowed my speech, read over it, and made sure all of my words were there and typed.

These things that I’ve noticed are just the beginning of my faults. There’s probably an endless amount of things that I can do to improve my writing! Everyone can always improve. If you keep an open mind, you’ll always be able to do more than you first could.

What sort of faults do you have? How do you do your best to improve? Share and discuss here!


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