Writing Character Perspectives

When I write a story, I like to focus on not just how the characters are going to think and act, but on how my own writing will differ. Sometimes I’m much more brutal, accurate in details when I like breaking down certain parts in a story. Other times, I try to be vague and go over details that are not needed as much.

What’s the best course for what you’d like to write?

Sometimes you want to focus on other things that your paper, or story, requires. Maybe you’re telling the story from a perspective of someone who has an innocent mindset. They don’t quite know what’s going on around them. They don’t understand the smaller picture of what’s going on, just the big picture.

Make your writing unique in that sense. Tone can differ from each perspective. Each person thinks in a very different way. Someone is much more hyperactive, taking everything in at once. Someone may take a few more seconds to register something. Sometimes you think outside the box, not seeing the obvious.

You don’t have to have a straight line of writing. Here are some of the techniques that I use:

  • Have a Thesaurus on hand or in your web browser – not just because you want to find something that’s a really big word. If the character isn’t that intelligent, make things different. Don’t continue rehashing the same sentences, one after another. Mix up the word play and how they’re used. You never know if the character misuses a word without knowing.
  • Focus on a particular thing that your character is interested in. Maybe this certain character likes the way the day looks. Perhaps they’re easily distracted? They enjoy daydreaming. Focus on something different. Get them distracted.
  • If the character has a short attention-span, try writing shorter sentences. They’re quick on the details, not choosing to draw things out. Give them that effect. Allow the character to speak and think for your settings.

These, and many more techniques, can be applied to your writing! There’s a lot someone can do. These just happen to be only a few of the top things I have used to let my characters take hold of the story.

Once characters take hold your story is going to the best of places. Let them take control!


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