I Haven’t Felt This Presence Since…

If you have yet to read my details regarding my view of the Star Wars handoff to Disney, you may find it here: Bam!

With that aside, I have to say this rumor is the worst. According to a British magazine known as the Express, they say that Vader may return to Episode 7.

Darth. Vader.

Yes, you read correctly (and can read their quote in the second link above). This thought / rumor is something that I would never, ever, watch anything that Disney has made in Star Wars ever. Bringing Darth Vader back like that is completely out of my mind!

Why would they do that, you ask?

The best explanation they can give would be marketing value, which I can understand. Darth Vader having one of the largest fan bases and iconic looks that anyone could ever dream for a character to have. You see a large, huge helmet with an ominous mechanical breathing you’re going to think of him!

In my opinion, when The Clone Wars brought back Darth Maul that was a risky move. If Disney dares to bring back Darth Vader, the outrage would heard by millions. Darth Vader is dead. We do not need to revisit him or bring him back. Do not touch Darth Vader, Disney. The way he lived, fought, and died is pivotal.

Disney messing with Darth Vader would be having the company begging for the public to give them a death wish. The younger audiences wouldn’t quite understand why it was such a bad thing. The older, more die-hard fans (such as I) would hate Disney to its hive-mind, company core.

Go find something else to mess with. Give Luke a new haircut. Or give another odd mix-match to Leia’s hair. Hell, if you’re going to bring back anyone let’s get Boba back in. (Those who are not Expanded Universe fans, he does get out of the Sarlacc). He’d be great! Let’s see what you can do with him!

What are your own thoughts of this rumor? Think it’s possible that Disney will step over this line? Think this is even a good idea?

Would be great to hear from you!


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