Blast from the Past! (2): Mario Kart

Driving down the raceway and that seemingly harmless banana is the only obstacle in the way. Not only is the banana assisting in grasping victory from you, but to the side you have other cars surrounded with three twirling shells around their vehicle.

What to do!?!

One of my favorite games when I had been a young lad was the classic Mario Kart racing. In terms of playing the latest ones, they’re fairly well done. Even for those die-hard fans. Mario Kart has never been too hard of a concept to miss.

The first one had come out in 1992, under the name of Super Mario Kart. It fell in line after the other Mario associated games had come out on the Super Nintendo.

After such a wide reception of positive reviews for the game had come out, Nintendo continues to add a Mario Kart game to any of their newer consoles / devices. The first hand-held version they made had been for the Game Boy Advance. There have been two arcade games made for it as well, titled Mario Kart Arcade GP & GP 2.

The latest Mario Kart to arrive on the market has been placed under the Nintendo 3DS, titled Mario Kart 7. The second game of the series to actually have a number associated in the title, the first being Mario Kart 64. It is also the only to have a different perspective used in the game. Alas, it’s only if the player has the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope which allows them to view the game through first-person view, using the smaller game console to turn.

Mario Kart 7 is also the first to support a variety of different tires, frames, and gliders that they can attach to their custom. The choice is yours!

Naturally, as the series continues to get older it’s harder to catch onto the classic game style that we all may have first played. It’s a simple game for most children and beginning games to enjoy. Plus, it’s a lot more fun with friends. It’s hard not to buy this, if not just for the pleasure to have others over and school them.

The game-play has been fairly standardized for years. You’ll find that the option to use other items on the track doesn’t change at all throughout the series. Only what is used or available to you. The game modes break down to four categories:

  • Grand Prix (GP), which is just the standard racing style of gaming. You’ll go around the track about four (or how many more times you add), and best time wins. That stacks up to four rounds.
  • Time Trial is when the player goes around the track without any fighting of other players. You’ll go around the track how many times you’ve set it, and try for the best time. The player will attempt to improve each time they race.
  • Versus will have two to four players going on the track with, typically, no AI with them. They’ll see which out of the two, or four, of them has the best time!
  • Battle mode is one of my personal favorites. You’ll have a set of players, along with AI, on a track that isn’t going to be raced on. It’s typical like being in a ring area, and you’ll fight it out using items, or attempting to knock the opposing team’s players off the track. Lives are shown with balloons attached to the back of the vehicle.

I’ve been played Mario Kart for years. It’s always been that fun game to try to compete with yourself, or others, and see who the best is. If my friends and I are bored, it’s always a friendly game to jump into it.

If you haven’t tried any in the series, pick it up! It’s something all should have a good time with.

Watch out for the blue turtle!


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