Dead Space 3 Co-op and Gameplay!

I’m not the biggest fan of horror. Mainly because I’m horrible at keeping it together. No one can comprehend of how bad I am playing these sort of games!

Dead Space had been the same as the rest of them in way of me reacting. Screams, terrors, looking around frantically, and wasting almost all of my ammo. It’s pathetic!

Now, we’re lucky enough to experience all of the horror that the game provides with a friend!

The Co-op character that shall be joining Isaac is John Carver. Carver is a military man, and it has been rumored that Dead Space will focus more on survival. While the aliens / monsters shall attempt to give you nightmares, you’re going to have that more of a feel with the game.

I’m looking forward to that. It doesn’t loop itself around like a Silent Hill game. It’s trying to mix things up a little bit with this transition.

There’s also another added bonus to this gameplay: Carver is going to be having mental breakdowns!

Not only will you have to have someone watching your back. But while one of the characters is having their “moment”, the other is going to have to fend the hordes off by themselves. That’s a good plot twist, and great for added gameplay!

I’m looking forward to what Dead Space 3 has to offer to the franchise.

As a small side note: I haven’t heard, or read, anything about what the multiplayer will bring. I’m hoping they’ll expand out with what they have. I played it on Dead Space 2. Very good quality. It was a good introduction, more of a “Beta” to what they can do.

With Co-op, they could also enable a second player to jump in. That’d be great!

Here’s also a video of the Dead Space 3 Co-op: Check it out!

Comment, like, share, talk about it! Looking forward to the game in 2013!


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