Gamer’s Tuesday

After you do your rightful duty and go vote, why not stop off at your local gaming store? They’re more than likely to have something that’s for your heart’s content.

Today, there are at least half a dozen new releases, including big names from last week, which you can grab from the store’s required restock.

You’ve got the brand new Halo game that everyone’s been waiting for. Assassin’s Creed if you haven’t already picked that up. Dragonball Z: Budokai HD Collection for those feeling that the new Kinect game just wasn’t up to par. Along with Mass Effect: Trilogy for those that need that one game to complete their entire experience.

Whew! What a giant turn out.

Honestly, the most I’m looking forward to is the Dragonball Z collection. It’s an unexpected treat from the company. Also, it’ll wash the taste of the Kinect game out of my mouth. Was what I, sadly, expected.

I bet there are a number of people who are extremely happy about the newest Halo game. Best part about it? The game’s getting fantastic reviews! From what I’ve read, there’s quite a few websites naming it one of the best in the series. Can’t wait to pick it up very soon and do my own investigation.

With all of that going on, what are your plans for the weekend going to be? Looking forward to all of those hours in the dark? Plan to play it all at once? What’s going to be your favorite?

Share, comment, like; I’d love to hear it! Enjoy!


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