Middle-Earth’s New Game Direction

Middle-Earth has had a few games come to life over the past two years. They’re rather interesting, and this newest one seems intriguing.

While most Lord of the Rings games find you fighting the forces of Sauron, or following a storyline, this one seems to be pure fighting and battle based.

Guardians of Middle-Earth seems like a good game. It’s focused on the battle type that’s made League of Legends such a successful hit. With up to twenty Guardians you can play as, and their play types all different, it offers for a variety of gameplay.

What I find interesting about this latest installment is the fact that it’s for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. That’s a bold move to go with. I can understand why they’d want to do that. Try to make it purely compatible for that area of gaming.

There’s a wider market for people to be playing it on their consoles. At the same time, will it be appealing to play on a console? A form of gameplay that’s been perfect (or at least highly loved) on the PC can be difficult to transfer. Maybe console gamers won’t find it as appealing?

That’s a big debate in itself. I know several games have attempted to be formatted so that they can work on both. (See Battle for Middle-Earth 2, and other RTS games that they attempted in the late 2000’s).

PC, they’re really fun to sit there and play. You have more controls and not having to hold buttons, and then press another special button. Left bumper, then quick, push the ‘x’ button! That is an easy thing to get annoyed with.

We’ll have to see it all works out. It can go both ways. I have fun with League of Legends. It’s a good pass time to have. The fact that it’s on a computer, and I can pick it up to fool around with anytime is extremely appealing. With console games, I plan to sit there for a bit longer and really toy with the game.

Guardians of Middle-Earth may do well. What are your opinions? How do you think this is going to do? Do you think consoles are given a chance to do something different?



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