Disney’s buying of Star Wars

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I’ll address that quickly first. I apologize for the long wait on many things. Drake Williams, the Star Wars stories, and I know several people want to see what I have in store for the Mass Effect series that I’ll start writing. As I said, I apologize. Mid-terms have been my life for the past few weeks.

Now, to more pressing business that’s come to my attention.

With Disney buying Star Wars I’d like to offer my opinion at this fact. As a hardcore fan, I know several people are surprised that I haven’t made anything like this sooner.

My feelings to this are mixed. I have several reasons for those emotions. With the first being that I do not know what Disney has in store for the franchise, do I? No one really does. We don’t know what to expect from the family centered company. It can be positive, it can be negative.

The second reason is that because it’s a family centered company. There are some parts of the Star Wars universe that I really like, which are more adult based. Those stories are much into telling a darker Star Wars. That is a galaxy I really, really like. Those darker tales, the idea of a more realistic environment if that world were real; it’s fantastic!

The third, a much more positive side, is my look at Marvel. Since Disney took a hold of the company in 2009 (around the end of summer, beginning of fall). What they’ve done with Marvel, as I’ve witnessed, has been tremendous. It’s all been positive. The new Spiderman, the new Avenger movie, all of the movies that co-exist with the Avengers; they’re all really good. I like a lot of that!

All of that together, I have positive thoughts about it.

Why? Why would I support the changing of hands?

Well, Disney knows what they’re doing. They’re not going to slap their name onto everything that they own. At the beginning of Star Wars, you probably won’t see the big ol’ Disney trademark screaming, “This is ours!” I mean, hell, when I was watching a few of the Marvel movies I forgot that Disney owned it!

That can be something of a positive. Something negative could be the fact that they’re going to be more movies. “But Zack why would that be a negative for you? Wouldn’t more movies be better? The more Star Wars, the more the world loves!”

Not precisely, odd voices that I make up in my head to help show my point. The more movies there are, it could, I’m not certain, make the original movies less special. In my fan-like heart, I know episodes Four, Five, and Six are going to be my favorite. Hands down, no questions asked. The more the make, well, the less special a good ol’ Star Wars movie night could be.

“Would you like to watch Episode Sixteen, or Nine tonight kids?”

That’s a wacky thought. Makes you wonder what they’d write about. Of course, that’s another positive I want to cover: the endless content!

It’s not unknown that Star Wars has a wide and wild Star Wars universe to work with. It’s absolutely massive! The first three movies that Disney makes are going to pave the road for where they’re going to go before they expand out. It could anyway they want to. Will they continue to use Luke, Leia, and Han? Will they go backwards, see what they can do with the Old Republic? Perhaps go beyond Luke’s years, to the years once he’s gone?

Needless to say, there’s a lot they can do. There’s so much out there.

“Zack, if you were to choose, where would you have the beginning of the series go? What do you think Disney should do?”

That’s an excellent question to ask! What I would absolutely love, and I mean love, to see, would them do the Thrawn Trilogy. If they do that, they have surely won me over. I will pledge that the Force is with Disney. That Trilogy is by far one of my favorite times in the Expanded Universe.

Of course, there are numerous other things that I hope that they do. Thrawn is on the top of my wish list.

If they do Thrawn, then the other movies I’d love to see would be as follows:

  • The Dark Empire
  • Parts of the X-wing Series
  • Something involving Dash Rendar
  • Get some Mandalorian love in there (Fando, I am)
  • Bring some Bounty Hunter goodness to the big screen

Those are just a part of the short list that I would love to see. They’re excellent to take form into for movies. Something I’m dying to see someday.

At the same time, I refer back to the whole debate ‘episode Sixteen or Nine’ movie night. It can be good, more Star Wars goodness, or bad.

What are other’s opinions on what can take place? What are you hoping to see? What do you believe the future of the Force has for us?

Share! I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions.


One thought on “Disney’s buying of Star Wars

  1. I’d have Disney strike Episodes I, II, and III from the official canon, re-write them, and hand the directing reins to Joss Whedon.

    Seriously, the last few animated Disney movies I watched were all better done and more mature than the garbage Lucas pooped out all over the place. 😛 “You will never love a woman with as much passion as the George Lucas hates his older fans.” — The Internet

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