Mass Effect Universe – Possible Stories

Now, before I begin, I’d like to state I’m not into fan-fiction that attempts to place things that are not possible in a certain universe. I prefer to write things that are accurate, in that universe.

With that stated, allow me to share something I’d like to see some feedback on.

I’ve lately been racking the idea to write a set of stories that occur in the Mass Effect Universe. I don’t want to do things after Shepard, possibly before but I won’t know any major events that are going on throughout the galaxy. Anyway. If I were to write some Mass Effect stories, which have no ties in with the Main Plot line, other than the War, would some be interested in reading?

I’ve noticed a lot of my readers have a heart-throb for some of the posts that I make about Mass Effect. There’s not a lot of posts I can place on here besides the Multiplayer stuff, and anything they’ll, hopefully, later release about spin-offs from Shepard’s story-line. As I’ve said, they left themselves a massive universe. They’re bound to do something. If I were to make a set of stories that are toned in the Mass Effect universe, I plan to stay as accurate as possible to the stories and the lore. That’s an important part of my fan-fiction. I don’t plan on doing anything that’s crazy, or making my characters ultimate bad-asses  They’re going to be fairly close to uncommon soldiers that go above and beyond the call-of-duty; but they’re not Shepard level, or anyone else in his squad.

I’d like to see some activity and get as much feedback as possible. Let me know what you all think! I’ll probably be posting a sample of what I’d like to write about later in the day. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Mass Effect Universe – Possible Stories

  1. This is something I’d love to do myself, had I the time. Back in the day I had reams of Star Wars stuff, and now that Mass Effect is up at the top of my favourite series, I’d love to read some extended stuff, both official and fan-based.

    You say you want to look at stuff pre-War, but unsure about events? Check out the novels, read the codex entries in the game, and read the mass effect wiki page (yes, wiki pages aren’t always the most reliable, but got lots of rare knowledge/events to read through).

    Look forward to what you produce.

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