Who Has Inspired Me

                 I’ve found that having the most inspiring people in life not being your parents, can be a positive thing. Naturally, if your parents inspire you the best, no harm no foul. Personally, my most inspiring people have not been my parents. As much as they’ve pushed me, and wanted me to make something of myself, others gave me the proper push that I required to go out and do just that. I have three top people who have made me the man that I am today. Those people have been my Senior Year English Teacher, my History / Economics Teacher, and my Martial Art Instructor. Of the three, I’ve known the Marital Arts teacher the longest. The English teacher I had every year since my sophomore year. Finally, the History and the Economics Teacher has been the least known, but pushed me to take the degree that I’m aiming for, for the next four years.

                Reason I wanted to do this? As I take my college classes, walk around the campus, and think about things, the teachers that I have now are pretty amazing overall. They’re great professors and I know I’m going to learn a lot from them. What I miss is having a minor connection with the teacher, where they knew I respected them, not just because I threw money into their wallets and I needed them to make something for myself. The teachers I had were fantastic teachers, and the biggest things about them was that they didn’t, normally when I saw them, put up with a lot of bullshit.

The Martial Arts teacher notably didn’t. For good reason, because if you did he’d just make you spar him for about half-an hour and then most of the time the person would shut the hell up. The English teacher approved of creative thinking, and alternative ideas. She didn’t mind what opinion you had. As long as you had one, stuck to it, and were respectable of others she wasn’t going to bother you. The History teacher didn’t demand respect; he knew that most High School students didn’t offer that sparingly. That didn’t stop him before.  He pulled out all the stops for you, wanted to make sure you were ready for the real world, and put his heart into every day work. Stuff that students take for granted. From what I heard about his younger classes, I believed he deserved a deal more of respect then what he was given.

                To this day, I continue to try to do my best to show that my English teacher didn’t waste her time with me. There were some days we talked causally for an hour or so, just talking easily with the other. Our humor is roughly the same, I think it’s because we’re both writers that have the same mentality together. I hope that someday, I can pick out a book with her name on it. Read it with a good laugh, and possibly talk to her the next day about her work and how she did it.

                To this day, I want to make sure that my History teacher knew that I respected him and kept most of what he said in mind. That I took all of the seriousness that he took with his classes, were placed into my own learning and my way of living life; with him being a strong person in his beliefs, and enjoying a well placed joke, I don’t want to be another statistic that brings down this economy. That depends on his government to the point that if they cut me off, I’m finished. I want to make a difference, and I want to make this place a strong country to live in.

                To this day, I want to make damn sure that my Martial Arts teacher knows how he changed me. When I was younger, I was certainly a different person. I was someone who took things for granted. I didn’t exactly understand that I was just another person, I thought I was special. He taught me that I wasn’t he proved to me that I’m just any other person. He showed me that if I wanted to make a difference, I had to work for it and go out and do it. I had to better myself to make a difference and earn my worth in this world.

                I want them all to know that my respect for them is always there. That they deserve better of what they’re sometimes given. That without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today, they inspired me to change and become someone worthy of their teachings.

                Today, I took the time to see who truly inspired me. I took the time to know what they had done for me, and I wanted to thank them.

                Tomorrow, who is going to inspire you? Who do you think has changed you? How? Did you thank them? Do you thank them by acting, not talking? Will go out there and make sure that those who inspired you, helped shape who you are, know that they were right about you? Take some time and do what you can for those people. They’re rare, for everyone. Never let them down.


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