Quick Heads Up

I apologize that I haven’t been as frequent as I once was. Entering my third week of college, I’ve been fairly busy with classes, social, and getting into a new set of routines.

After my first two weeks, I believe I have a set idea of how things will work for the next few months. So, to give a small overview I think this is how things are going to be:

With Monday and Wednesday, I’ll be posting more continually in the late morning and early afternoons. Following, Tuesdays and Thursday, I’ll be focusing on the later Afternoons, and evenings. That’s how my classes are set up, and what I’ve run into for “free” time.

Friday, on the other hand, is a giant toss-up. With no classes there, including the weekends, I’m up for posting whenever I feel would be best. Surprise days you could call it! I would also like to take the time to thank everyone for reading, and if you have any requests for things that I should post, research, or tip my nose into and check out, please tell me! Love hearing from people, and I look forward to many more posts as time goes on. Enjoy the week!


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