PETA: You’ve Ruined my Childhood

PETA. I’m highly disappointed in you. First, you make fun of Mario who wanted to fly around with a tail. Now… Now, you’re just playing dirty.

Today, I was deciding what to do my next article on. Cruising around Facebook, I arrived at Pokemon logo and stopped. Mostly, I go right past those. Unless it’s a badass picture or drawing that someone’s made. They’re pretty cool. This happened to be an article about how PETA decided to take their craziness one step further.

With the arrival of Pokemon Black and White 2 on Sunday, they’ve released their own version of things. Honestly. It’s horrible. It really, really is.

Here’s a quick link to where all the action is going down:

PETA being all srs face.

I mean, come on. It’s Pokemon. Admittedly, I’m all for animals rights – to a degree. I love animals. Back at home, I have a dog, a cat, and a few fish. I love them all greatly. They’re amazing. Seriously, though?

I grew up with Pokemon, the good old original cast. Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. Those guys have always been in the back of my head, since I was six. And PETA has literally, slapped me in the face, basically summing up that since I grew up with this, I now want to place my loving cat in chains and feed him only for my entertainment.

Apparently that’s all they’re good for, at any rate.

That game they made, their ‘Parody’, is just complete and utter bullshit. It hurt my childhood. It certainly has given my inner child a big frown. Not because I feel bad in any way (why should I?), but because of how bad they turn it around.

The graphics of the game, as you’ll see for yourself, gives everyone a look that Pokemon are just tools; merely used for combat and entertainment. No love. No compassion. No ounce of care put into them.

For all of you that read this, go play the game for yourself. Check out what they’ve done to your childhood. What they’re setting an example for other kids who also play the game. Who are growing up, now, with this game. Do you believe this is accurate?

And if anyone who is in PETA reads this: I named my cat Pikachu. I’ve had him since I was eight. He is my best friend, and I’ve always considered him my furry, lovable, little brother. Did I ever consider him human? No, because he’s not. Did I treat him love and care? Hell. Yes. Because he’s my cat, and he’s a part of my family.  I grew up with Pokemon. The reason I named him after a Pokemon character? Because I wanted him to be like those in that show, I wanted him to be as loyal, and loving as those in the game. And he has been, because I knew that I had to be good to him to earn that loyalty. So go to hell with your ideas. Go to hell with your game.

My childhood will not be destroyed or shamed this day!


One thought on “PETA: You’ve Ruined my Childhood

  1. I wanted to also mention, which I forgot to, was that this whole PETA is just stupid. I don’t take it very seriously, I just felt it was unneeded and just stupid in general. Very little research had been done on PETA’s part, shocker, and the whole thing was poorly placed. They’re a stupid group that continues to produce stupid ordeals for the world to laugh at.
    The whole thing is just stupid. Nintendo: Have fun walking to Courts with a smile on your faces.

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