Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer

This is a subject I’ve yet to touch. Makes me sad that I haven’t yet, considering that Mass Effect’s multiplayer has really sucked me in. I absolutely love it. The gameplay in the game has always been a giant highlight for me, and being given the chance to play it in that area has been definitely sucking away at my life.

That said, why don’t I just jump into the spot where we are currently. A few days ago, Bioware announced that they’ll be adding challenges. What sort of challenges can we expect from them? From what I’ve seen in a very minuscule selection of screenshots, they can be ‘how many times you’ve used this weapon’, ‘how many times have you used this character’, or even ‘how many times have you fought on this map’, from what I’ve seen.

I think it’s going to be an excellent addition to the already fun-loving multiplayer. It’ll give more players reasons to go in and see how far they can get with certain characters, or with their favorite weapon. They’re also adding a new leader boards to this section as well, another way to pull in that competitive side we’re all ready to shove into people’s faces.

Not to mention they’re bringing back the Collectors!

Way happy to see that happen. Collectors have been one of my favorite enemies that were in the game. They’ve always been fun to fight against, and I enjoyed the depth that Bioware placed into making them an enemy in Mass Effect.  I was beginning to believe they were never going to be placed in at all. Lucky for me, I was incorrect (a rare event, indeed!). That being said, how strong do you believe the Collector horde is going to be? Going to giving us a head turn when they head into combat?

I’ve seen a few videos where the Developers have agreed that the reapers were the strongest threat of the three classes. Saying that they’re a fast, quick striking horde that don’t make up speed for any lack of strength. I’m hoping that the Collectors one up that conclusion.

Now, I’m going to take a second to rejoice. They’ve finally given Turians an infiltrator class. Yes! Very excited about this new addition. Infiltrator has always been my favorite class. I loved it in Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 gave me a great run, and in multiplayer I had a blast; this just makes it even better! I admit, I don’t have a wide range of infiltrators that have been unlocked. I most have the Vanguards and the adepts marked up. Hoping for some more sneaky goodness in the days to come!

With the end of this quick update, I have to ask: what do you believe they’re going to add next? They’ve been keeping the multiplayer very much alive for the better part of six months. Do you believe they’ll continue to work on it until we hear back from Dragon Age 3 (which is rumored to make an appearance in December of 2013)? If they continue to try to keep it alive for that long, what would they have to do to keep your attention? New Enemy? Set of Challenges? What weapons do you want?

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