An Afternoon Well Spent

After having completely read the first Dresden Files book, I can proudly say I’m a an addict. The way Mr. Butcher adds to the story by making it entirely in first person really entices someone like me.

I wanted to first attempt to make Drake Williams a first person perspective story. I realized after dozens of fiddles and tweaks that I was making, I wasn’t enjoying myself. That form of writing wasn’t made for that series. Which makes me a bit sad, because I really loved doing that technique when I was working. I had a lot more fun. It let me really think about my characters and how I would torque them in the way I wanted them. I still did this. Only I had to do all of this while watching from a distance. Wasn’t allowed a closer look through another’s eyes.

All of my personal regrets aside, Jim Butcher is now properly one of my favorite authors. I think, if time permits, that by the end of the week I’ll pick up the next one. I really want to continue with the story, see what Harry does next. Harry is definitely one crazy bastard. Adding on the witty banter is perfectly brilliant.

I did have a problem with Jim’s constant use of doing “and then and this and that”. I always attempt to refrain every finger in both of my hands to avoid that sort of follow-up. I never liked it, and I felt he could have used other words to assist him there. Or perhaps found something else that threw the point across that he was trying to go for. There are a lot of options for him to do. That was one of my biggest pet peeves throughout the entire book. Other than, I was sucked in and finished the damn thing within the day I had it. This is why I was never really allowed to read a whole new set of books. Like Video Games, I eat them all up and finish with them quickly.

It can be annoying habit when you want to take things slow. Or you have things to do, and you’re speeding through something and want to finish it right there. Rather than just stringing it throughout a set of days. It’s something I should probably learn to do. Nothing that bad to try to get into. Especially during College.

Well, hopefully this week I’ll be adding another Harry Dresden adventure to my thoughts. I’m looking forward to all the possibilities that Mr. Butcher has offered readers to experience. The excitement is killing me inside. I want to read it right now!

Unfortunately, I have to focus on school as to ensure that I know what I’m doing. I wouldn’t want to sink within the first week of being here. Horrible way for a ship to go. (Who wants to be a Titanic?)

Looking forward to the next few days. I’ll make sure to chalk up a few more things to write about. Hope everyone is having a good beginning of the week!



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